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Contracts for beef producer advisory services awarded

  Contracts for beef producer advisory services awarded

Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Michael Creed, has awarded the contracts for the provision of advisory services to producer organisations in the beef sector.

Minister Creed said: “The approval of facilitators for the provision of advice to producer organisations is another important step in the development of producer organisations in the beef sector.” The Minister said the scheme will provide advice for farm-business and beef-production planning; as well as providing advice on the establishment and recognition of a producer organisation as a legal entity, which is a requirement of the EU regulations.

“Producer organisations across the agricultural sector can conduct important functions on behalf of their members, such as refining supply in response to market demand, improving the branding of products and optimising production costs. I wholeheartedly support the implementation and development of producer organisations and would strongly encourage farmers to collectively examine the potential benefits. I look forward to seeing what, I believe, will be very positive outcomes from this scheme across this sector in the coming years.”

The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine has provided guidelines and recommendations that will assist farmers and other interested stakeholders who wish to avail of the services of the approved facilitators. These are available on at:
Concluding Minster Creed stated: “The recognition of a producer organisation by my Department allows them to negotiate collectively on behalf of their members with processors for the price they receive for cattle they supply for slaughter. This is a very important step in allowing primary producers to proactively engage with processors in negotiating the supply and sale price of their cattle. I am sure that such groups could also play a key role in the future in ensuring that beef is produced to the high standards of food safety, quality and environmental sustainability demanded by consumers.”