Need for safety first at all times in severe weather conditions


With a Status Red weather alert nationwide, people have been warned to stay indoors until 3pm on Friday, March 2. 

With the current cold weather situation, the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM) has asked all stakeholders to note the issues below in relation to farm safety and animal welfare.

Farm safety
"Farm safety is paramount during bad weather," the DAFM said, "while the more significant concerns on farm relate to the provision of water, shelter and feed to livestock, whether housed or being outwintered. It is essential that farm safety is prioritised above all else. In the case of sheep flocks it is essential that they are brought to a sheltered area in advance of the worst of this event. Where farmers are tending animals, they should ensure they carry a fully charged mobile phone and let people know where they are, checking in regularly. If tending animals in remote locations, a second person should accompany them. Take care around the farmyard ensuring concrete areas are gritted or salted. Falls are the biggest threat and take care to avoid. Do not attempt to remove snow from roofs of farm buildings. To avoid damage to pumps, milking equipment etc, drain thoroughly. Water for livestock remains a significant problem on farms with pipes and ball-cocks for supply freezing, but continued access to water is important at this time when cows are calving and sheep lambing." 

Animal welfare
The DAFM 24-hour animal welfare helpline will continue to be monitored over the coming days. Members of the public with any concerns can contact the DAFM helpline on: Call Save 0761 064408 or 01 6072379.

The DAFM says it has been in constant contact with industry facilitating orderly operation and wind-down of processing operations. It says it is important to recognise that a temporary reduction in such processing will not impact on retail supplies. Fishing vessels in areas most impacted have generally also returned to port at this time.

The DAFM has emphasised that, as farmers deal with the difficult conditions on farms at present, there is a need for safety first at all times in the period ahead.

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