Innovation driving on-farm efficiency

Keenan, leaders in manufacturing quality mixer wagons, partnered with Ireland’s leading agri tech companies recently at the Keenan Open Day to showcase how dairy and beef farmers can increase on-farm e¡ ciency and improve profi tability through implementing technologies related to animal nutrition, grassland management, nutrition data and animal sensors.

 The event featured the best in class engineering and design, exhibiting the full range of Keenan mixer wagons from 10 to 28 cubic metres. “At Keenan we are passionate about collaborating with leaders in the ag tech industry to deliver innovative solutions and provide sustainable resources to improve herd health, drive on-farm e¡ ciency and increase profi ts for the farmer,” said Robert Walker, CEO of Keenan. “Farmers have had an exceptionally tough year with the volatile weather conditions,” said Cathal Gibbons, Ireland sales director for Keenan. “To support farmers, we took the occasion to host dairy and beef seminars, which focused on ‘Maximising forage options on-farm during the winter-feeding period’ in the dairy session and ‘Faster younger fi nish for improved profi ts’ in the beef session.”

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