Landini 7 Series Robo-Six Tractor Launched


A new range of six-cylinder tractors for grassland and arable work was launched in the UK at the Royal Highland Show.

The Landini 7 Series Robo-Six replaces the current line-up with an all-new semi-powershift transmission, upgrades to the deluxe Lounge cab, increased hydraulics performance and higher power outputs from latest-spec engines.

Starting at 151hp with the Landini 7-160, the new range comprises five models with up to 206hp for draft work from the new flagship 7-230 Robo-Six. Like all models in the new line-up, these tractors also have Dual Power ‘boost’ for PTO and transport operations, which takes peak power to 165hp and 225hp, respectively.

Unusually, this automatically-engaged extra power feature is available on the top three models for PTO applications when the tractor is stationary as well as when working in the field. Normally, tractors must be on the move to get the performance benefits of the additional power but the 206/225hp 7-230, 191/211hp 7-220 and 181/192hp 7-200 can deploy peak power for applications such as mixing a ration in a diet feeder or powering a big slurry lagoon stirrer or pump. Under the hood, Landini engineers have installed the latest ‘green’ version of the 7.6-litre engine built by FPT Industrial, which uses a diesel oxidising catalyst (DOC) and uprated selective catalytic reduction (SCR) AdBlue injection system to further clean up exhaust emissions.

The new Landini Robo-Six tractors are available in Active and Dynamic versions again, the latter being the package with electronic spool valves controlled by paddle switches on a seat-mounted console. The higher-spec version also comes with other equipment and electronic enhancements and can be had with a large touch-screen for setting up the transmission, hydraulic and other systems and, optionally, for ISOBUS control of implements.