The new Fendt 300 Vario


The new Fendt with the model variants 310, 311, 312 and 313 Vario boasts a high torque and more pulling power.

At the heart is a 4.4 litre, 4-cylinder AGCO Power engine with common rail high-pressure injection system and electrically controlled wastegate turbocharger. The engine has a maximum output of 110 to 138 hp and a torque rise of 42-55 percent. The all-round tractor is extremely fuel-efficient: the low rated speed of 2100 rpm and a completely new air intake system with a new high-capacity air filter and large-dimensioned cooler unit ensure high efficiency with low fuel consumption.

 The Vario transmission has proven itself over many The Vario transmission has proven itself over many years through its high efficiency, ease of operation and reliability. The TMS coordinates the transmission ratio and the engine speed, always keeping the tractor driving at an economic optimum. In combination with the new engine, a lower operating temperature and a low engine speed at 40 km/h, the 300 Vario is very fuel- efficient when driving on the road.

Compliance with EU Stage 4/Tier 4 Final emissions Compliance with EU Stage 4/Tier 4 Final emissions standards is achieved through a diesel oxidation catalyst(DOC) and the externally cooled exhaust gas recirculationAGRex. Since the SCR exhaust after-treatment with AdBlue urea solution takes place after the combustion process, engine tuning can be optimised. Additional fuel-savings and noise reduction are achieved through a reduced fan ratio.

The fuel pre-filter with thermostat valve ensures trouble-free fuel pre-filter with thermostat valve ensures trouble-free cold-starting, even on very cold winter days. The radiator and filter are easy to access and arranged for ease of maintenance. The combination of diesel tank with 210litres and AdBlue tank with 22 litres allows operators to work many hours without having to stop to refuel. To lower the noise level and increase longevity, a new front PTO with wet disc clutch (in oil bath) has been installed. Ride comfort and efficiency have been optimised through improved engagement and better access to the front PTO seasonal switch.

The new Fendt 300 Vario has also been equipped with the new Fendt 300 Vario has also been equipped with the VisioPlus cab. It offers a 77° field of vision and 6.2m2 of glazing for the best visibility to the front, vertically and downwards to the wheel arches. A 2,520-litre volume provides an overwhelming sense of space. The unique windscreen, which reaches up into the roof, provides the best visibility to the raised front loader or to traffic lights when on the road. Since the B-pillar has been dropped, there is now a continuous view to the right, which facilitates work, for example, when using a boom mower. To provide optimal visibility at night, two cross-eyed work lights have been installed on the roof. Optionally, additional work lights can also be installed at the front, rear and on the mudguards. These are also available asLED work lights. All installed work lights can easily be switched on and off individually via membrane keys or all at once via the one-button system. Inside the cab,the lights with night dimming ensure pleasant working conditions, even when it is dark outside. The steering wheel pivots and telescopes together with the cockpit. Operators can adjust it perfectly to their size and keep the display ideally in view. An additional plus in comfort is the optionally available mechanical suspension for the Poweroptionally available mechanical suspension for the Power version and the optional pneumatic suspension for theProfi version. The driver seat is available in different levels of comfort.

A new ventilation and climate control concept ensures a new ventilation and climate control concept ensures the most comfortable surroundings: the air is uniformly distributed in the cab. It has automatic defrosting, whichclears windows fast. The air- conditioning and heatingcan be controlled precisely using just one centralised, conveniently located control.

The two-gate Power joystick can actuate the reverse well as the automated linkage functions (Go/End). There is one key for the cruise control and one for the engine speed memory. In the Profi equipment level, the Profi joystick provides six additional functions: the third and fourth valves with floating position can be activated electrically. Furthermore, four sequences (Go, End) can be saved, and there are keys for the engine speed and two cruise control settings. The automatic hydraulic oil summation needs no input from the operator and therefore ensures high efficiency. A constant flow pump with an oil delivery capacity of 83 litres per minute is installed in the Fendt 300 Vario Power as standard. Anaxial piston pump (load-sensing) with up to 110 litres per minute is available as an option and standard specification in the 300 Vario Profi. It is optimally suited for implements with a high oil requirement, e.g. front loader operations. Through the high oil delivery capacity, it is possible to work at a lower engine speed and the tractor also consumes less fuel.


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