Trade mission to Indonesia and Malaysia announced


The Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Michael Creed highlights Brexit and Market Development, including a trade mission to Indonesia and Malaysia, at the 17th meeting of the Food Wise 2025 High Level Implementation Committee.

Minister Creed told the HLIC “My Department is continuing to assess the impacts of Brexit on the agri-food sector, for which preparedness and contingency planning is a priority. I will continue to work with our Agencies and stakeholders to ensure the sector is prepared, as much as it can be, for Brexit”.

Market Development was identified as one of the five cross-cutting themes within Food Wise 2025. It highlights the need to ensure that Irish products are targeted at the right markets and the right segments within these markets. 

The Minister said: “I would urge all of the stakeholders, public and private, to refocus their efforts and to drive the sector forward to meet both the opportunities and challenges in developing new markets for the Irish agri-food sector.”  

As part of this effort, the Minister announced that he will be leading a trade mission to Indonesia and Malaysia in October 2018. 

Minister Creed acknowledged the contribution made by the tillage and horticulture sectors of some €700 million to agricultural output. The Minister commented “In line with the primary sector as a whole, tillage and horticulture have faced challenges this year. In partnership with them, we will continue to support and develop the sectors”.