Aidan Connolly publishes new book on business


Author Aidan Connolly – President of Agritech Capital – has unveiled his new book which disrupts traditional business models and encourages companies looking to grow to turn to the 2-1-4-3 plan.  

Titled ‘As Simple as 2-1-4-3’, Aidan argues in the book that the traditional sequence of business planning can be called 1-2-3-4.  These numbers represent the four sections of the typical plan. 1, What are the origins and history of our business. 2, what business are we doing now. 3, what strategies have we put in place and 4, what outcomes are we expecting in the (immediate) future?

Connolly points out however that the examples of business disruption are everywhere. Uber disrupting the taxi business. Netflix movie rentals. Facebook sells but creates no content. Apple sells Apps it never made. He argues disruptive planning is required in an age of disruptive technologies. By reversing the order of how business plans are built, disrupting the order, it focuses energy and thoughts on where business should be going and the path to take it there. 2-1-4-3 is a flexible plan, created in less than a week, by a team. A living document it claims to eliminate unrealistic goal setting, but still aims higher than incremental planning.

Connolly quotes examples from companies he has worked with., including Alltech, which, while he worked there, saw sales grow from $25 million to over $2 billion. The book also describes examples from the start-up world, Apps and artificial intelligence. Other cases cover traditional businesses such as food, media and services. As Connolly says if you aren’t thinking about disrupting your business someone else probably is.