Leading animal nutrition professionals attend Alltech's Technical Summit


Last week saw 600 animal health experts and thought leaders from 26 countries take in 51 thought-provoking presentations at the Alltech European Technical Summit, which was held in the Convention Centre, Dublin.

The summit featured scientific and research-based learning, problem-solving and unique networking opportunities for those in attendance.

“Recent media attention has focused heavily on issues such as climate change, hunger and obesity, and antimicrobial and pesticide use,” said Cathal McCormack, country manager of Alltech Ireland. “There has never been a greater need for our industry to deliver a strong message about the wealth of positive opportunities in agriculture, especially in terms of sustainability and human health.”

Species-specific sessions gave attendees an opportunity to explore topics within their particular fields of interest, including ruminant, pig, poultry, crop science and ag-tech. And on the plenary stage, industry experts tackled the wider issues that the agri-food sector is facing. 

Mairead McGuinness, Vice President, European Parliament, talked about the public's perception of agriculture, the need to develop policy around sustainability, and giving farmers clear signposts to sustainable production. Prof. Patrick Wall, Professor of Public Health, University College Dublin, focused on the Lancet report and warned attendees that they cannot ignore consumer demands.

Closing the European Technical Summit, Dr. Mark Lyons, President and CEO of Alltech, took a global view of agriculture - highlighting  the challenges brought by African Swine Fever, reducing emissions while feeding a growing population and a move to digital. 

The summit also offered 150 guests first-hand experience of the Irish agriculture sector with ruminant, crop and pig farm tours.

The Alltech Craft Brews and Food Fair also ran in conjunction with the summit event, providing a great networking opportnuity for attendees.