HSE providing practical information to improve health and wellbeing at The Ploughing


The HSE will be on hand to provide a wealth of information to help improve health and wellbeing for visitors to the National Ploughing Championships, taking place from 17th to 19th September in Ballintrane, Fenagh, Co Carlow.  

The HSE team will be based in the Health and Wellbeing marquee, located at Block 3, Row 21, Stand 458 in the Government of Ireland Village, over the three days. The Health and Wellbeing marquee will host a series of hourly demonstrations and health events – including how community first-responders help those in emergency, CPR demos, alcohol & parenting chats, health checks and quizzes. Visitors to the HSE stands can avail of an array of free advice and health information. Drop by to learn about getting your family started on a healthy lifestyle, quitting smoking, preventing skin cancer, living well with and beyond cancer, attending your local injury unit amongst many other health topics. There is also a registration area for screening programmes such as BowelScreen and Diabetic RetinaScreen.

The stand will feature lots of experts discussing health issues that can affect families and communities. Conor Owens, Senior Psychologist, will share top tips for parents to manage screen time at home. Commenting, he said: “The best way for children to become healthier, fitter and more sociable is through play. Families are telling us they want a healthier balance between technology and play. We know that too much screen time negatively impacts on all aspects of a child’s development. Our tips are practical and simple and will make a real difference to you and your family."

With over 11,000 people diagnosed with skin cancer in Ireland every year and numbers rising steadily, the HSE National Cancer Control Programme (NCCP) is advising people, especially farmers and outdoor workers, to take precautions to protect themselves against skin cancer.  Dr Caitriona McCarthy NCCP Consultant in Public Health Medicine will explain the importance of outdoor workers protecting their skin: “Outdoor workers, such as farmers, are exposed to UV radiation dose 2–3 times higher than indoor workers, meaning are at a higher risk of developing skin cancer. Exposure causing sunburn is the most damaging, but long term exposure without burning also significantly increases the risk of skin cancer. Outdoor workers should protect their skin every day but especially from March to September. Farmers should pay particular attention to protecting areas of your skin which are exposed to sunlight whatever the weather, by using a wide brimmed hat, and sunscreen to protect your ears, face and neck.  The good news is simple steps can reduce your risk when working outdoors”. 

HSELive the HSE’s public information service, answered over 171,000 queries in 2018. The team will be available to answer questions at the Ploughing Championships. Geraldine Charman, Team Manager of HSELive, says: “HSELive is the HSE’s public information service and we can tell people how to access health services, who qualifies for HSE health services and where to find further information about health. We’re delighted to be at the Ploughing Championships this year, and encourage attendees to drop by for a chat with our HSELive team. We’re here to help.”