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Selling the McHale story

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James Heanue is sales manager for Ireland for McHale Farm Machinery, based in Mayo. In an interview with Matt O’Keeffe, James outlines the development of McHale into a major international farm machinery manufacturer and the success of the company in developing and building machines that can cope with rigorous Irish working conditions.

Looking at Lemken options

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In normal weather and with normal soil conditions, a tillage demonstration in early March wouldn’t have posed any problems. This year, as everyone knows, was different. When Derek Delahunty and his colleagues in Lemken decided to hold a demonstration of their equipment in Carlow in early March, they hardly anticipated that all fieldwork would be rendered impossible by the ongoing rain that hampered all field operations in the spring of 2018, writes Matt O’Keeffe.

Downsizing the CAP cake

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The bigger a cake is, the easier it is to divide it to everyone’s satisfaction. The size of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) budget, then, has become the critical issue as far as Irish farmers are concerned, writes Matt O’Keeffe.