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Guide 20
Guide 2017
Versatile grazer from
Grass Technology
Designed and manufactured in Ireland by Carlow-
based Grass Technology Ltd, the Grass Tech Grazer
(pictured above) is a robust, easy-to-use machine
that can be operated with lower powered tractors,
typically found on livestock farms.
The Grass Tech Grazer is now available in four model
sizes, ranging from the smallest Grazer GT80 to the
tri-axle Grazer GT160 which is ideal for larger herds
of 400+ cows. A rear-mounted cross-conveyor is also
now optionally available for these models, making the
Grazer easily adaptable to di ering feeding systems.
New features on the zero grazers include: stronger
hitch with easy height adjustment; auto oiler for all
chains on the grass conveyor/grassbox; greasable
truss bearings and 6mm pans on the mower; uniball
mower mounting points; central grease points; strobe
light kit; reversing camera; and auto-fill sensor,
"Our development in recent years is built on a
focus on research and development with essential
feedback from our current progressive dairy and beef
farming customers," said a company spokesperson.
"We have five new products on o er for the 2017
season: the GT140XTRA zero grazer; eight-foot,
heavy duty drum mower; retro-fit fertiliser spreader;
feed conveyor; and Beetmaster 1000."