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was using too many straws, our calving
interval was a fraction too long and I
found we had quite a lot of cows not
going in-calf," he says. John went from
using 2 to 1.7 straws per cow, saving in
excess of 2,000 this season.
The MooMonitor+ system proved
to be a valid addition to John's farm
in other areas as well as fertility. By
continuously monitoring behaviours
such as rumination, feeding and resting
time sick cows are easy
to identify. A behaviour
alert is sent to the farmer
when cows are behaving
di erently than normal.
"The health monitoring
was a big bonus for me,"
John says. He believes
that, even when you are
good at the health side of
things, the MooMonitor+
could still easily save
500 to a 1,000 each
year per sick animal.
Sick cows are identified
sooner allowing for
earlier intervention and,
therefore, saving you
higher vet bills, antibiotic
usage and ultimately cows
lost due to fatalities.
John recalls saving himself
a vet re-visit fee simply by
checking rumination levels
on the app for a particular
cow who had a bad case
of scour.
"I was quite worried about
her, she was completely
o her feed and I was
afraid she might throw the
calf," he says.
"The MooMonitor+ picked
her up from day one, we
had to get the vet to her
and treat her. The second
day the vet rang about her
and I was able to look on
the phone to see if she
was ruminating and she
was. As I went through her
graphs it was great to see
when rumination levels
started to increase this
was invaluable to me."
"The MooMonitor+ is a no-brainer in
terms for value for money," he adds.
"In its first year, the system not only
saved me time and labour, it has also
returned money to me before the year
was out." In fact, if the total investment
of the system was spread out over the
lifetime of the system, and cow numbers,
you'll end up with only a small amount
of money to spend per cow per season,
according to Dairymaster. This is a cost
that is easily won back by reduced
time viewing cows, reduced AI usage,
fewer veterinary calls and better fertility
and health of animals in general, the
company says.
For John, using the MooMonitor+ system
has become part of the business of
everyday life on his farm. He can fully
rely on the system to do the job and
anticipates even more savings for
breeding season 2017.