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The McHale Fusion 3 applying film-on-film wrapping.
an additional 11.6L of milk production. Or for a cattle farmer,
each F&F bale could give an additional 1.5kg of beef
A short movie of the F&F trial and its findings
can be viewed at:
Last year was an excellent year for baled silage due to
the excellent grass growing and weather conditions. It is
estimated that the number of bales ensiled was up by at
least 10 per cent. Demand for baled silage was also good
as livestock numbers have increased significantly.
Indeed, according to the Central Statistics O ce (CSO),
in June 2016, the total number of cattle in Ireland was
7,221,200, an increase of 257,700 (3.7 per cent) on June
2015. The number of dairy cows increased by 102,100 (7.9
per cent) and cattle aged 1-2 years increased by 148,200
(8.7 per cent). Total sheep numbers were up by 37,100 (0.7
per cent) to 5,175,800 while breeding sheep were up 0.8
per cent and non-breeding sheep were up 0.7 per cent.
This means that there were more livestock around to
consume this extra silage.
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