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Lanigans Ball at Bord na Mona

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Bord na Mona obviously knows how to horse trade when it comes to rounding up horsepower for its turf cutting activities.

John Deere was the main suppliers for high horsepower tractors to the peat harvesting company during 2011 and 2012. This year saw a change with New Holland muscling in on the green giant to supply 20 units for the current harvesting season. John Deere are still in the game however with a contract that put ten 5000 series units working on the midland bogs this year. Since John Deere had originally supplanted NH as the main tractor supplier to Bord na Mona there is obviously keen competition between the two companies and their local dealers.

Main John Deere dealers TFM have locations in Tipperary, Laois, Kilkenny and Wexford while the Rosenallis-based WR Shaw has built quite a reputation in hiring out tractors in recent years. As well as the T6.155s and T7.185s now operating across Bord na Mona’s bogs, Shaw’s had 17 T7.200’s on standby at Dublin Airport during the winter, fully equipped with snow ploughs should the need arise to move the white stuff in a hurry.