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JCB’s 8000 series

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As agriculture continues to grow year on year as a percentage of JCB Group the company is putting more effort into servicing the sector with high horsepower tractors.

The 8000 Series is a key example of this policy of expanding the JCB Agriculture range of high-speed

tractors and materials handlers. These developments started over two decades ago.  The original 100 Series Fastracs were first introduced in 1991. ABS was introduced in 2000 and the range was radically updated with the launch of the 8250 in 2005. The 3000 and 8000 Series Fastracs comply with current requirements for the forthcoming T5 (high speed) homologation.

The current 8280/8310 is the third generation of the 8000 Series. Central to the new series are the Agco Power 8.4L six cylinder engine and the Agco ML260 transmission. The machines come with a full front and rear axle suspension system as well as a full size two man cab with two full size seats. Another notable feature is the EU truck standard disc braking system with ABS. There is a fail-safe steering system to meet high speed regulations. The series is equipped with a Bosch Rexroth auxiliary hydraulic system and ‘GPS ready’ preparation is fitted as standard.

The Agco ML260 CVT was developed specifically for Fastrac and the Fastrac-specific casing enables remote mounting. These are machines that are effectively built for road haulage operations as much as for field work. There is an impressive high speed capability allowing speeds of up to 70kph, delivered at a relatively sedate 1780 rpm.

JCB has developed control software that include a number of unique JCB features. The touchscreen and joystick features are particularly impressive. Engine speed pre-sets allow the storage of 5 different engine speeds. All the auxiliary functions can be controlled with joystick button programming. The transmission performance can be fine tuned using the touchscreen. There are automatic cut-out controls for the 4WD, differential locks and the  PTO selections. PTO options for the new 8000 series models include 540/1000 rpm or 540E/1000 rpm. With these new models it is possible to choose two different worklight configurations.

Another key feature is the Headland Turn Assist. Again the options are impressive. It is possible to set/adjust five different HTA programmes.

As one would expect from a machine of this high specification the auxiliary hydraulic system is noteworthy. This is a Bosch closed centre auxiliary hydraulic unit. The standard maximum flow is 148 l/min (up to100 l/min per valve slice). There is an optional maximum flow delivering 210 l/min (up to140 l/min per valve slice). The tractor has three or four rear d.a. spool valves with up to two front d.a. supplied. The optional power beyond connection offers full flow and pressure on demand. Again the touchscreen comes into play with flow rate and timer functions programmable via the screen. This large horsepower unit has rear linkage lift capacity of 10,000kg while the front linkage has an equally impressive capacity of 3,500kg offered as an option. Comfort is to the fore with full suspension.

Finally, the series is equipped with a highly accurate, high speed GPS for spraying, spreading and a range of other operations.