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New fuel storage options

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Kingspan Titan has launched new ultra-slim versions of its FuelMaster storage tanks. The 4000L and 1225L slimline FuelMaster tanks are described by Kingspan as offering 'neat, compact on-site fuel storage for farmers and small businesses'.

Their narrow, innovative design means they are less conspicuous than conventional fuel storage tanks, and could be hidden away out-of-sight close to farm buildings, improving fuel security. Both tanks come with reversible factory-fitted cabinet doors, giving additional flexibility in terms of where they can be placed.

Further protection to fuel supplies is offered by the tanks lockable cabinets and Watchman tank technology, fitted as standard to all FuelMaster tanks to allow farmers to constantly monitor the fuel levels within the tank.

Their 10 micron particulate/water filters protect vehicle engines from damage caused by contaminants.

In common with the rest of the FuelMaster range, the new slimline tanks are manufactured to a very high-spec and meet all regulatory standards for on-site fuel storage. Manufactured from tough rotationally-moulded plastic the tanks are bunded and come with a Spillstop device to prevent overfilling and spills. Dispensing is also made easier with the option of adding additional hose lengths which can be stored in the large cabinet, and there is a light inside the hood to help farmers fill up after dark.

"These are high quality tanks, manufactured to the most rigorous standards which provide very flexible, unobtrusive fuel storage solutions for farmers," says Colm McAvinchey, Kingspan Titan National Sales Manager, Ireland. "We know that fuel security is a growing headache for farmers and rural communities, and it may help that these tanks can be tucked away in the farmyard, perhaps behind a barn. The tanks can also be fitted with systems to help with fuel management. Should a farmer want it, we can fit the tank with a tank monitoring device to allow them to keep an eye on the levels of fuel in the tank either locally or remotely, which means they can order their supplies in good time and not risk running out."

The new FuelMaster slimline tanks will be on display at various agricultural shows across Ireland and the UK this summer including Cereals 2013, The Royal Highland Show and the National Ploughing Championships next September.