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SureSeal – defence at drying off

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The importance of the dry period, in relation to mastisis control, is well recognised and, according to Norbrook, new infection rates can be up to 10 times higher during the dry period than during lactation.
Norbrook says of all clinical mastisis occuring in the first 100 days of lactation, 60 per cent can be attributed to intramammary infections acquired during the dry period. For this reason, SureSeal is recommended, by Norbrook, as an internal teat sealant. Open teat canals are a major risk, says Norbrook, as invasive pathogens can enter the teat canal during the dry period. There is often a significant delay in the formation of a complete keratin plug in the streak canal of the teat. SureSeal mimics the action of this naturally-occuring keratin plug at drying off in the teat canal.
SureSeal can also help avoid ascending intramammary infections, Norbrook says. It contains bismuth subnitrate in a parraffin base which, when infused into the quarter at drying off, forms an immediate physical barrier in the distal part of the teat. This prevents bacteria from ascending through the teat canal and causing an infection.
Norbrook says that SureSeal is also insoluble in milk, has no antimicrobial properties, and has no residue or food safety risks attached to it.