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The Case for CVT

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CaseIH continues to roll out its Constant Variable Transmission (CVT) technology.

It is now available across almost all of the company’s tractor ranges. Previously the technology was confined to the Puma CVX models, though that range does run from 130hp right up to 230hp. The big Magnum 370 CVX has been introduced with a  four range CVT allowing it to operate from zero to 50k at infinitely adjustable increments without pushing the engine beyond 1,750 revs/m. Engine speed and transmission output can be synchronised on the new Magnum using Automatic Productivity Management (APM). This 8.7L engine can deliver up to 404hp with the extra 10 per cent (from a 367hp baseline at 2,000 revs) coming from Electronic Power Management, at a reduced 1,800 revs. Torque tops out at 1,806 Nm at 1,400-1,600 revs. Stretched, the 370CVX can achieve a boosted power output of 419hp. With all of this power around CaseIH have introduced a heavy duty rear axle on the new unit.
Stepping down the horsepower, CaseIH has also introduced CVT to its four cylinder offerings. The new Maxxum stable mates, the 110 CVX EP, the 120 CVX EP and the 130 CVX EP all have CVT, allowing infinitely variable speeds up to 40,000 at 1,600 revs/m and up to 50,000 at a moderate 1,750rpm. The double clutch system allows the forward, reverse and shuttle gears to be changed automatically. Power is delivered by 4.5L, turbocharged, intercooled engines.  Again, CaseIH has used its Power Boosting technology to up output by 10 per cent at 1,900 revs. The hydraulic system pumps up to 125 L/m. Lift capacity is rated at 7,867kg on the back lift (front lift – 3,100 kgs plus optional Front Hitch Management) and the models can be fitted with up to seven electro-hydraulic valve units. The three new Maxxum CVX EP units come with APM (Automatic Productivity Management), just like the option for their big brother, the Magnum 370 CVX. In another effort to drive down fuel usage and consequent operating costs CaseIH has introduced a computerised system called Idle Speed Management that automatically reduces engine speed from 850rpm to 650rpm half a minute after the driver exits the cab, when the electronic remote controls or the three-point link are not in use.
Active Stop Control is another feature allowing the tractor to hold a stationary position on an incline without clutching or engaging a hand brake. What is most impressive with the CaseIH tractor ranges is the crossover use of technology often more associated with the bigger horsepower tractors. In this instance the Maxxum CVX EP models borrow heavily from the Magnum and Quadtrac models. Available from next January, the Maxxums will have a fully integrated control unit on the hand console,  for instance. This console will also provide access to the AFS Pro 300 or 700 touch-screen monitor.