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Small-scale slurry spreading options

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The slurry spreading season has closed until January but already farmers are planning their spreading strategies for next year.

The conventional tanker is still the most popular option but umbilical spreading is gaining ground, especially where ground conditions may not be optimal for carrying a tanker even with low ground pressure tyres. Until now the umbilical system was in the hands of the contractor with large upfront capital costs ruling it out as a purchase option for most farmers. Now, however, that may no longer be the case. Cavan-based Mastek have brought a smaller umbilical system to market that will definitely have appeal to many larger scale farmers. The company already has a range of larger systems so a smaller scale model is a natural development. The new Slurry Mate umbilical system incorporates a quick release A-frame reel unit with 600m of piping. A relatively low horsepower tractor will drive the pto operated, galvanised CriMan pump. Initial pricing of the farm scale umbilical system is E16,500 plus VAT.