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Guide 20
After the successful launch of the Samco BagPress in 2013,
the Samco BagPress 2 comes complete with a high-output,
50-tonne-per-hour crimper.
The high-output crimper is integrated into the front of the
bagger and can be left in position when bagging bulk material.
Two panels inside the main hopper are brought together
hydraulically to form a new hopper for grain crimping. The
bagger is supplied with a 1.5m, 2m and 2.4m bag.
This machine can bag 150 tonnes of forage maize, whole
crop, beet and straw mix, chopped grass, potatoes, brewer's
grain, chicken litter, beans, peas, saw dust and more.
The main hopper is fitted with three augers. The main, bottom
auger is driven from the PTO with increased flight distance
compared the Samco BagPress 1 and a new design packer
impeller is fitted to the end of the auger for better bag
compaction in dry, bulky crops.
The second auger is hydraulically driven with a variable
speed control and o -centre spiral auger to increase agitation
in the hopper to prevent bridging in the main hopper. The
third open, centre auger is also hydraulically driven with
adjustable speed to feed the grain to the flapper impeller
before the crimper. This auger is also reversible during bulky
crop bagging to increase agitation in the main hopper. The
bagger is fitted with an independent twin pump hydraulic
system with on board controls.
The crimper
The high-output crimper is integrated to the front of the
bagger and can be left in position when bagging bulky crops.
The high-speed, toothed rollers spin at di erent speeds
to crush the grain with adjustable gap depending on the
customer's requirement. These rollers are similar to crushing
rollers used in a forage harvester but with extra fine teeth to
ensure that every grain is crushed. These rollers are driven
through a right-angle PTO, heavy-duty gear box to the belt
drive on the side of the bagger, which can be disconnected
hydraulically. A stone trap and magnets are fitted before the
flapper feeder for protection of the rollers. This can be easily
cleaned out by an inspection panel before the feeder.
The bagger incorporates the patented paddle break system,
which is pressed hydraulically against the back wheels of the
tractor to prevent the tractor from moving forward as the bag
is being packed. The BagPress is equipped with low level
applicators and fed into the front of the bagger to ensure the
additive is mixed thoroughly through the grain as it passes
through the main 3m auger.
All speed sensors and output per hour are fitted as an
optional extra. Auto slide elevator and self-feed auger for
grain are also available as additional options.
Samco BagPress 2 incorporating bagging
and high-output crimper
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