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Forage & Nutrition
Guide 2018
development of refrigeration units delivering faster cooling
at lower energy consumption than previously available.
Having minimised the energy usage and cost of cooling,
Dairymaster then focused on making sure the heat taken
out of the milk could be captured and used to offset
the cost of water heating. This led to the introduction
of the SwiftCool Duo heat recovery system, with very
impressive results. Heat recovery rates were four to six
times faster, while the system delivered a minimum hot
water temperature of 55C compared to the typical 35C to
40C achievable in typical Irish ambient temperatures for
conventional desuperheating.
Other innovations developed include the blockage-free
wash system and precision temperature measurement, as
well as the first milk cooling tank incorporating two-way
remote communication and control. For the first time ever
farmers can remotely control and monitor their milk tank
in real time from anywhere in the world via an app the
SwiftCool app. The SwiftCool app works in tandem with
the CoolControl tanks and has the power to give real time
information about the status of the tank and follow up on
commands given.
All information related to the tank can be viewed at a
glance on the intuitive dashboard screen. It records the
history of temperature, wash cycles, collection cycles,
temperature washing and much more. It gives the farmer
the power to ensure that milk is in the best possible
condition before it leaves the yard.
The purchase of a milk tank is a significant investment.
Increasing levels of technology on the farm and an
increasing use of IT for farm management means that the
milk tank chosen today should be compatible with the farm
management system of tomorrow. The milk
cooling system that makes life easiest for you,
does more to protect your milk, provides the
lowest cost of milk cooling and gives you the
greatest peace of mind is the tank to help you
achieve the vision for your farm.
"We're running a bigger tank in
conjunction with the heat recovery
system and our electricity bills have
halved. We're saving between 120
and 140 per month. The heat
recovery system is working
with the cooling system so
we've practically free hot
water. We're delighted
with the system."
"The new tank only runs for
an hour after milking whereas
the old tank used to run for
over three hours, so there's
a good saving there. When
we purchased the tank, we
installed the SwiftCool Duo as
well. It's very useful because,
when the milk is cooling it heats
the water for us. We found in
the peak times that the water is
up over 60C without any extra
use of electricity."