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Rise of the machines
Machinery correspondent, Noel Dunne, reports on what's hot in the
machinery world
Massey Ferguson sets new high-density benchmark
Massey Ferguson's state-of-the-art, MF 2370 Ultra High
Density (HD) baler made its debut at Agritechnica in Hanover
at the end of 2017. This marked the introduction of the
highest-performing, large square baler ever built at the world-
renowned Hesston factory, the company says. The MF 2370
makes the highest-density bales, which weigh 20 per cent
more than those produced by the current MF 2270 XD.
Developed specifically for discerning professional contractors
and large-scale arable operators, supplying bio-energy
operations and other industries, the MF 2370 Ultra HD
helps to maximise truck payloads and improve efficiency for
those supplying these expanding markets, according to the
"Existing baler design had reached peak weight and density,"
explains Mark Grigson, product marketing manager,
Harvesting Division. "So, to move baling forward and achieve
maximum, ultra-density, the Hesston team has totally re-
engineered the large square baler from the ground up.
"While the renowned and popular Massey Ferguson MF 2270
and MF 2270 XD models will continue to be available, the MF
2370 Ultra HD delivers a significant boost in density, capacity
and performance. Its denser, heavier 120cm x 90cm bales
further reduce in-field handling and cut transport costs, while
optimising haulage and storage capacity," adds Mr Grigson.
Constructed on a completely new main frame, the baler has
an exclusive driveline and gearbox, specifically developed to
withstand the enormous forces required to make Ultra HD
bales, with a faster plunger speed and immensely strong bale-
forming area.
The baler's new Ultra Knotters follow the same Hesston
design, now optimised to efficiently handle thicker, stronger
twine, developed exclusively to tie the Ultra HD bales.
Massey Ferguson's enhanced range of harvesters was also
unveiled at Agritechnica 2017, unveiling two new vertically
folding disc mowers in the MF DM TL-V Series; and a flagship
14m, four-rotor rake the MF RK 1404 TRC-PRO. This rake is
engineered to deliver optimum performance, making well-
formed swaths ahead of high output forage harvesters and
large square balers.
Forage & Nutrition Guide 2018
One SIP and you're hooked
Slovenian company, SIP, has unveiled a range of new mowers,
tedders and rakes for 2018 with a two-year manufacturer's
warranty, according to Farmec, its Irish distributor.
SIP's Spider 1500|14 T rotary tedder has 14 rotors and a
working width of 14.8m. "The result is a top-of-the-range
robust tedder," said a Farmec spokesperson.
The Star 1250-50T four-rotor rake represents an additional
unit SIP's high-capacity harvesting solutions for farmers
(with large acreage) and contractors. The hydro-pneumatic
suspension of rotors set on the triple SIP-patented walking
tandem axles provides perfect contour following, even at
high speeds, the spokesperson added. The continuously,
hydraulically-adjustable working width between 9.9-12.5m,