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McHale: good things come in threes
With three product offerings available in the McHale Pro
Glide range of mowers the McHale Pro Glide F3100 front
mower, the R3100 rear mower and the B9000 combination
mower your forage will be a cut above the rest this year, the
company says.
All mowers are fitted with 3m cutter bars with tine
conditioners and benefit from a number of novel features
which result in better ground-following ability and quicker
reaction times to changes in ground conditions, McHale says.
To achieve the maximum performance and results from a
front, rear or combination mower, the cutter bar and mower
suspension work together to deliver uncontaminated forage.
As a result, McHale has developed unique patented ground
adaption technology which delivers three dimensional
ground contour tracking for its Pro Glide range of rear and
combination mowers, which allows an arc of movement from
left to right and forward and back movement adjusting to
changes in the contours of the ground.
"To maximise the feed value of forage it is important that
grass crops are cut when the sugar content is highest, and
that the mower leaves clean crop stubble and produces
quality forage free from impurities," said James Heanue, Irish
sales manager for McHale.
McHale's design team have designed the frame on the front
mower to place the centre of gravity as close as possible to
the tractor, which results in unrivalled responsiveness to
changes in ground conditions, McHale says.
At standard settings, the cutter bar has a 500mm adaptive
range, which allows the mower to automatically adjust to
ground contours. Left/right pivot range of 17 degrees allows
the cutter bar to follow right to left or left to right changes in
ground conditions without overloading the cutter bar.
The R3100 and B9000 mowers come with unique patented
ground-following technology, break-back protection,
hydraulic ground pressure control and heavy duty bed design,
according to the company. The patented ground-adaption
technology allows the bed to move back and up if the bed
encounters small obstacles. This saves time and maximises
throughput as it means the obstacle does not trigger the
main break-back protection. On the McHale Pro Glide range
of rear and combination mowers the gearbox powering the
cutter bar is located behind the first mower disc, which allows
the operator to mow into corners and over rough terrain
with no problems occurring.
The 3m Pro Glide cutter bar
is powered by a heavy-duty right-angle gearbox which is
positioned behind the inner top hat. "The Pro Glide cutter
bar has been designed so the rounded low profile front
edge lets the fully welded cutter bar glide smoothly over the
ground. Large heavy duty spur gears take the PTO power
and transfer it to the discs. Each individual disc is driven by
a smaller spur gear," said the spokesperson.
McHale Pro Glide range of mowers.
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and the adjustable cam-track, provides for optimal swaths
The Silvercut Disc Model 1500 T disc mower claims to
be the world's widest mower. The high-capacity mowing
combination, with up to 22.5h/ha capacity, represents SIP's
response to increased customer requirements, said the
"With a cutting width of 14.55m and a transport width of
2.99m, the five separate cutting units equipped with hydro-
pneumatic suspension provide perfect contour following
even at high speeds. The mower combination attached to
the existing tractor reduces the investment and production
costs in comparison to the self-propelled solutions," the
spokesperson added. The full range of SIP mowers includes
tractor-mounted, front-mounted, trailed and combination
models with cutting widths from 2.16m up to 14.55m.