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Trelleborg showcases new innovations at LAMMA
LAMMA 2018 was the platform for showcasing some of
Trelleborg's new innovations to help farmers produce more
with less.
Taking centre stage was Trelleborg's Variable Inflation
Pressure (VIP) system, which won a gold medal at the 2017
SIMA innovation awards. The VIP system is a smart solution,
which self-adjusts the tyre pressure of a combine harvester
during use. Responding to the precise load, it optimises tyre
footprint, thereby reducing soil compaction.
Making its debut in the UK, the ConnecTire from Trelleborg
is a brand new sensor-based smart wheel which, the
company says, increases efficiency and productivity by
reducing the risk of tyre slippage on the rim. ConnecTire
constantly monitors two key variables tyre pressure and
temperature which it relays to both tractor and farm
mainframes via Bluetooth and wireless connectivity.
Operators set their target tyre pressure and can then
monitor how tyre pressure deviates from that target and
act accordingly. Should corrective action be required,
ConnecTire automatically sends an alert via its app,
ensuring minimum disruption and maximum machine
"LAMMA is a great platform for Trelleborg to showcase
our new technology and services. We have a real passion
for agriculture and aim to make life as easy as possible on
the farm, constantly looking at innovative ways to assist
in farming efficiency and creating a sustainable future.
With new technology and the increased digitalisation of
agriculture, our new innovations add a further dimension
to complete farm management," said Bruce Lauder, senior
sales and marketing manager, Trelleborg.
ProgressiveTraction technology, winner of the LAMMA
Environmental Innovation Award 2015, was also showcased.
Designed with the latest generation of tractors in mind it
can be used for tractors over 350 horsepower and on those
with narrower rims, improving tractor efficiency, according
to the company. In addition, the tyre is able to work at a
higher torque and provides a wider footprint, increasing
traction. It also delivers a load capacity of up to 40 per cent
more than any other premium product in the market.
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