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Parsons Medal presented
to Dr Edmond Harty
The Irish Academy of Engineering has awarded its highest honour, the Parsons Medal,
to Irish engineer and businessman Dr Edmond Harty. The Academy awards the Parsons
Medal for Engineering Sciences to engineers or engineering scientists of exceptional
ability in research or engineering technology. Dr Harty is CEO and technical director
of Dairymaster. Dr Harty is pictured with Eoin O'Driscoll, former president of the Irish
Academy of Engineering.
Joskin sales event to
celebrate 50th anniversary
A large sales event has been organised by Joskin to celebrate
its 50
anniversary. Starting in 1968 as a farming business,
the Joskin company rapidly started to manufacture its own
agricultural machines. With five production sites and 750
workers, the business now distributes its products in 60
Joskin said this event is a way for the company to remind
customers of its true strengths: a catalogue with a lot of models,
variants and options of all sorts, and a willingness to meet
users' current needs, whatever their profile (farmers, livestock
breeders, large farming enterprises, agricultural co-operatives,
contractors, etc.).
Joskin is offering a selection of 11 machines at net prices,
including rotary pasture toppers, slurry tankers, and more.
They are all fitted with complete pre-equipment adapted to the
market specificities, according to Joskin.
This sales event is now on at dealers or on the company's
website and will end on December 31, 2018.
Farm Focus
As the new year dawns, we have a final opportunity to
recharge the batteries before the new season begins in
earnest in a few weeks' time.
The new year is also a time for resolutions, when we resolve to
change an undesired behaviour or to accomplish a goal. Some
goals fall down because they are hard to achieve and are not
quantified. It is important to set yourself goals and targets
for the coming season on your farm. What would you like to
Answering these three questions for any goal is important:
Where am I now?
What do I want to achieve?
How do I get there?
A farmer who contacted InTouch recently had a target for
which was to increase milk solid (MS) production from
kg. This would increase his output by up to
The starting point was to measure where he was at present.
InTouch provided him with all his feed usage, feed costs
and concentrate usage for
. While this farm was tightly
stocked, he was not grass measuring, but we were able to
calculate how much grass was grown. We could also get
valuable information from the Irish Cattle Breeding Federation
(ICBF) on where production was lost last year and if cows had
the genetic potential to improve.
Once he knew where he was going and where he was coming
from, the final step was to work out how, together, we were
going to achieve the extra kg of MS. It was obvious from the
records that cows dropped o in production at points in the
year due to lack of dry matter intake (DMI) and the quality of
that DMI. The plan developed by InTouch with the farmer is as
Grow more grass on the farm, but the key for him is to
soil test and grass measure. His weekly farm walk will be
forwarded to InTouch to enter the data and produce a grass
wedge which will determine the need for supplement. This
will improve the quality and quantity of feed in the system;
Supplementation rather than substitution will focus on using
the concentrates, and especially the silage produced on the
farm, more e iciently rather than increasing them;
Implementation of a good dry cow programme;
Concentrates were under fed in the spring but over fed
in the summer based on production of this herd. A better
proportioning of this concentrate is key; and
Longer-term plans to implement a heifer rearing programme
to hit performance targets and `map out' the requirement for
Economic Breeding Index (EBI) and breeding.
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