Buisness News JUNE 2018 www.irishfarmersmonthly.com KPGH looked at many different manufacturers globally and said it was particularly impressed with the Dairymaster manufacturing capability and milking efficiency. Chairman and general manager, Mr Gao Ji Wei, said: “Dairymaster have the most efficient milking parlours we have seen in operation. Dairymaster are a very professional company with a large product range that will add a lot of value to our business and we are looking forward to successful business partnership.” Dairymaster says its largest rotary milking installations can produce enough milk to feed half a million people each day. Fergus O’Meara, international business development manager with Dairymaster, said: “We see KPGH as an ideal long-term partner for our dairy technology, they have excellent knowledge of the dairy industry. Many Dairymaster products are scientifically tested and proven, which has a lot of value to Kingpeng Husbandry as the performance measurements can be validated. I think this announcement reiterates the capability of Dairymaster and the excellent product offering we have for dairy farmers worldwide.” Dairymaster technology chosen to build farms in China Fergus O’Meara, international business development manager, Dairymaster; Michael Creed, Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine; Mr Gao Ji Wei, CEO, Kingpeng; and Lei Zhang, Dairymaster international sales and marketing executive for China. Dairymaster and Beijing Kingpeng Global Husbandry Technology Co Ltd (KPGH), a high-tech Chinese enterprise specialising in the planning and construction of modern livestock farms and turnkey projects, have partnered to provide technology to Chinese farms. This partnership will see Dairymaster provide advanced dairy farm equipment to customers in China. KPGH’s focus is on turnkey projects, with farm sizes ranging from 2,000 to 10,000 cows, and have already installed some prestigious dairy farms in China. The Kingswood apps connection Farmers using the Kingswood electronic identification (EID) app can now link with a variety of farm equipment including electronic weighing scales and drafting units. Kingswood says clients will be able to stand at a cattle crush with the phone app in their pocket and simply point an EID reader at an animal’s ear. The animal’s number and weight will be transferred via Bluetooth to the app and sent directly to the Kingswood server or the farmer’s PC. Weighing reports, ranking cattle by their daily weight gain, and sire analysis, based on progeny weighing, can be run o at the farmer’s leisure. “Dairy farmers can record cow scanning results quickly and e ciently using the same EID reading technology. This has always been a di cult event to capture electronically due to the fast throughput of cows in the crush. But Kingswood now feels it has the problem cracked – at least for the increasing number of farmers whose cows are EID tagged. Of course, the other breeding events such as heats, services and calf registrations can also take advantage of this EID/Bluetooth technology,” a Kingswood spokesperson said. “These developments are in line with Kingwood’s long-standing aim to be the primary IT hub on its customers’ dairy and beef farms. The equipment farmers use nowadays is almost always capable of generating information electronically. But, to be useful, it needs to be integrated with external sources of data from the Irish Cattle Breeding Federation (ICBF), Animal Identification and Movement (AIM), vets, pregnancy scanners, marts and factories. Kingswood’s combination of phone apps and sophisticated PC software allow this to happen seamlessly. Farmers can then analyse the data, generate useful reports and use it to control other equipment around the farmyard. Other Kingswood developments in the pipeline are the intensification of existing links with the ICBF national database, which transmit data between Kingswood and the ICBF, and the streamlining of animal remedies recording, using phone-scanning of QR codes and reading of animal EID tags.” MSD Animal Health announces two marketing appointments MSD Animal Health has announced the appointment of Jack O’Connor and John Heslin as ruminant product managers, with responsibility for the development and delivery of communications campaigns on the prevention and control of diseases in cattle and sheep. MSD says the appointments reflect the increased emphasis on the use of diseaseJohn Heslin. prevention vaccines and the parallel campaign to reduce the level of antibiotic use in farm animals. From Piercestown, Co Wexford, Jack O’Connor graduated from University College Dublin (UCD) in 2017 with a degree in agricultural science, specialising in food and agribusiness management. He has been working in the MSD Animal Health marketing department since June 2017. From Jack O’Connor. Mullingar, John Heslin graduated from UCD in 2014 with a degree in agricultural science. He joins MSD from Teagasc Grange where he has worked as a research o cer on beef production systems. He is completing a Teagasc/UCD PhD on animal reproduction. Both appointees are accomplished sportsmen. Jack O’Connor is a member of the Wexford senior hurling team and John Heslin is the current captain of the Westmeath senior football team. 12