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The issues for Irish farmers and farm incomes in 2019
are as challenging as any we have faced. The last 12
months were very challenging because of the extreme
weather conditions. The next CAP & Brexit negotiations
these will all impact on the policy, price and trading
environment for farming and our agri-food
There is massive concern among
all farmers, and especially
livestock farmers, about prices
and exports to our most
important export market in
the UK. A comprehensive
programme of supports will
be needed. While the debate
on the EU Budget may not
conclude until later in the year,
the shape of the CAP post
2020 will also have long term
implications for farm incomes
and structures.
Joe Healy, President, IFA
The National Dairy Council will kick o the year
with Healthfest 2019, our exciting flagship event
for transition year students at the end of January
where we expect 3000 students to descend on
the Sport Ireland complex for a day of physical
activity and wellbeing talks. We will be working
on two more EU funded campaigns next year
one for Milk and one for Cheese. The Cheese
programme will involve Ireland, France and
Denmark and is a three-year marketing campaign
to encourage consumers to enjoy a wide variety
of cheeses as part of a heathy lifestyle. The
Everything Starts with Milk programme will also
run over three years and encourage consumers
to enjoy milk moments as part of every day. As
sustainability and the environment
continues to be hugely important
particularly for the agriculture
industry, we will
continue to
raise awareness
of the issue
through another
that we are
with which
is running
across Europe
for the next
two years.
Although 2018 has been challenging year for the Irish
dairy industry, we move into 2019 in a strong position and
with a clear focus of creating value for Irish dairy farmers.
Today's political, economic and environmental landscape
is fast changing... and, while we are facing uncertainty,
Ornua has been operating in global markets for over 55
years so this environment is not new to us.
Looking to 2019, we will continue to capitalise on Ornua's
well-established market leading positions in major export
markets such as the US and Germany and to accelerate
our development in key emerging markets. Kerrygold is
going from strength to strength and will continue to do
so in 2019. A combination of a world class product with
a well invested brand has secured phenomenal growth in
our key strategic markets of the US, Germany and the UK.
We have very engaged teams in-market who are passionate
about Irish dairy and are working hard to ensure we
deliver strong returns to our members and their farmer
John Jordan, CEO Ornua
The focus on generational renewal in the EU
Commissions proposal for the next CAP is a positive
development, but the amount ringfenced for spending
on young farmer incentives must be increased from the
current proposed minimum of 2 per cent to at least 5
per cent of the money from Pillar 1. We will be working
with our colleagues throughout Europe to ensure this
happens, while also working to ensure that this focus
on generational renewal is translated into a coherent
strategy by the Department of Agriculture as they put
together the Irish Strategic Document.
We will also be placing a focus on re-invigorating rural
Ireland. The young people of this country are those best
placed to bring a vibrancy back to our communities,
but we must create the conditions for employment
opportunities to be created by small businesses which
are the backbone of this economy. It is easily shown that
farmer spending benefits a local community massively
and if this was joined by other small benefits it could only
have a positive impact.
James Healy, President, Macra
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