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MARCH 2018
Farmer to farmer
MARCH 2018
Farmer to farmer
have been declarations of interest from over 1,600 growers so far
that they would put money into the development as part of their
commitment to its success.
To make it work, we need a minimum quota supply of beet. From
our studies, we believe that there is the prospect of better returns
from beet than any other crop, even from surplus beet produced
over and above a committed tonnage from farms."
The price of beet
While Pat cannot commit to an exact price for beet supplied to
the proposed facility at Castledermot, he highlights the price
prospects: "Returns to growers will certainly be comparable to the
margins estimated by Teagasc, and better than that. There is also
the prospect of a return on the investment made by growers in
financing the establishment of the factory.
The French co-operative model includes a top-up per tonne on the
base price received from the accruing profits of the operation. That
allows for an improved price compared with what British Sugar,
for instance, is paying its growers. They receive in the region of 24
per tonne, which is not adequate. Under the old EU sugar regime,
the base price for sugar beet was 44 per tonne in Europe before
the reforms that saw the closure of the Irish industry. As part of the
reform, farmers received compensation whether they continued to
grow beet or not. That established the right to an Area Aid payment
that will still be there if farmers resume growing beet."
Time scale
"If we can get the planning element completed within a year then
we can progress our plans to have a factory on the site within
a further two years." That would suggest that a fully functional
sugar and ancillary processing unit could be operational in time
for a 2021 `Beet campaign'. There are a lot of issues to be resolved
before that eventuality is realised. A more determined pricing
model will be central to grower involvement and commitment,
both in growing the raw material and, literally, buying into the
concept. It is clear, however, that the prospects of a renewed sugar
refining industry in Ireland are greatly enhanced by the abilities and
commitment of those driving the project.
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Manufactured and distributed in NI by: Norbrook Laboratories Ltd, Station Works, Newry, Co. Down, BT35 6JP.
Distributed in ROI by: Norbrook Laboratories (Ireland) Ltd, Rossmore Industrial Estate, Monaghan, County Monaghan.
Legal Category: LM Levafas Diamond contains 3% w/v Levamisole Hydrochloride and 6.0% w/v Oxyclozanide.
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