JANUARY 2020 www.irishfarmersmonthly.com Feature superior genetics and have followed the Club’s nutrition, animal health and welfare guidelines.  “One of the primary benefits for the beef finisher is the predictable pricing model, with two year visibility,” Martin notes. “The Club provides an added reassurance in terms of calf quality and genetic makeup. A Club Member also has access to an optional advance payments scheme that can deliver a regular cash flow during the lifetime of their cattle.”  For dairy farmers, the programme’s benefit is that it will provide a clear pathway and market for over 50,000 calves per year by the third year of the initiative. “It is a ready-made market for calves with a clear protocol for improving their value. In addition, it helps to reduce the housing pressure in the spring as they potentially have an arrangement in place for the calves to move on to the finishing farm,” he adds.  For consumers, it delivers full traceability and provenance through the closed-loop production system. “Farmers often think of traceability only in terms of animal movement, but this is traceability of genetics, consumables, movement, management, etc. which is something that consumers and the major buyers desire.”  Market value Nov’19 = €1204.5 Twenty20 Beef Club = €1336.6 330kg Carcass AAX steer R- 4- Twenty20 value differential is + €132 Market value Nov’19 = €1165.50 Twenty20 Beef Club = €1270.5 330kg Carcass FRX steer 0- 4+ Twenty20 value differential is + €105 under Twenty20 Beef Club. On the Angus steer example, there is a revenue differential of €132/head and on the Friesian steer a differential of €105/head.  Based on an Average Quoted Price of €3.55/Kg on December 17th 2019 the differentials above would be €115.50 for the Angus cross steer and €87.50 for the Friesian cross steer.  Benefits For beef farmers, the benefits include that calves are sourced directly from approved suppliers who have used 23