JULY 2018 www.irishfarmersmonthly.com are overcrowded and thirdly the ventilation in your calf house is very poor. Sort these out and your calf health will improve!”says the vet. The farmer becomes defensive, stressed and his self esteem is threatened. A positive behaviour change is unlikely. Feedback can become an ‘information dump’ and tends to come from the top down, not always offering a plan for change Feedforward, on the other hand focuses on the future, provides the client or farmer with hope and possibility rather than worry and impossibility. Feedforward is future focused providing future-oriented options or solutions which research shows evoke positive emotions and mood states. What happens in the brain during feedforward is that the prefrontal cortex, essentially the CEO of our brain, which is largely responsible for our thinking and problem solving abilities is engaged. These positive feelings and mood states are linked to a number of positive outcomes in individuals such as increased creativity, greater willingness to co-operate and openness to receiving new information. The client is ready to plan with the vet and feedforward prompts the farmer to contribute to the solution. Traditionally, agri-advisers and vets display a very strong, but often misplaced, ‘righting reflex’, attempting to provide immediate solutions and corrective actions to the farmer that never trigger any behaviour change on farm. Solving problems for others can take away autonomy, deplete another’s sense of self efficacy and deprive an individual of lessons that can be learned through failures and successes alike. When a vet solves a problem for a client, the solution imposed onto the client tends to be more generic and less of a good fit. The client is less likely to follow through with the solution. Once you have farmers on board you need to then set Setting SMART goals Avoid the righting reflex Animal Health Focus smart goals. Described as the most effective performance enhancement technique within behavioural sciences, goal setting helps to direct our energies towards a desirable outcome. Studies have shown goal-setting focuses our attention, increases self-confidence, provides incentives and grows commitment. When setting goals if they are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time bound (SMART) studies have shown that they improve performance in both business and sport settings. The SMART acronym might be perceived to be outdated, however is based on sound psychological principles and a practical way for people to set goals. It is really important to agree the goals with the farmer mobile Exclusive IFA member offer! FREE iPhone 8 FREE iPhone 8 worth over €800 CALL us now on 1890 924 852 * Terms and conditions apply. Offer applies to new post pay customers only who sign up to Red Connect Price plan or higher through IFA Member Services. Offer does not apply to upgrades. Offer available until July 20th 2018 and while stocks are available. Offer applies to the 64GB iPhone 8 only. In Partnership with 31