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Sustainability Focus
Andrew Wynne,
Alltech, outlines
how economic,
environmental and
social sustainability
provides real
opportunity for
livestock farmers to
manage and reduce
resource use to
maintain long-term
Now, more than ever, we are being asked to produce
quality, traceable food in a way that has a minimal impact
on the environment. Farmers, consumers and other
livestock stakeholders are increasingly in need of more
information about the environmental performance and
sustainability of livestock supply chains. With an ever-
growing global population, this is a pivotal time for the
agricultural industry, which must begin working toward
overcoming several challenges:
1. Producing food for a growing population in a more
sustainable way
2. Adapting to changes in the economic, political and
natural environment
3. Reducing its environmental impact and improving
production system resilience
Agriculture is under increasing pressure to improve the
sustainability of its supply chains, as well as to quantify
its impact on the environment. Alltech is committed to
supporting the industry in improving the environmental
performance of livestock supply chains whilst ensuring
their economic and social viability.
Alltech ACE principle
Alltech's mission is guided by its founding ACE principle,
which outlines the company's dedication to developing
solutions that are safe for and beneficial to the Animal,
Consumer and Environment. While helping farmers work
toward sustainable livestock farming, Alltech focuses on
three core areas of sustainability:
To help livestock farmers become more sustainable, we
believe in jointly developing plans that combine long-term
profitability with environmental care.
Alltech's nutritional supplements improve the health and
performance of animals. Our technologies are effectively
utilised in dairy cows and beef cattle, poultry, swine,
aquaculture, equine and companion animal sectors,
addressing such lifelong issues as immunity, digestive
health, mineral utilization, reproduction and bone
Alltech animal health products focus on achieving
optimum well-being, and their environmental
improvements are often an added benefit, for two reasons:
First, a healthy animal is better able to digest its food and,
therefore, excretes less undigested resources back into the
environment. Second, products like Allzyme® SSF enable
an animal to make greater use of its feed, minimizing the
natural resources that might otherwise be used to feed
the animal. We are proud of our brand portfolio and its
environmental impact -- yet we believe much more can
still be done in the food, feed and crop industries.
Mineral management
Alltech has invested significant resources toward
developing patented feed ingredient technologies
that support our customers' business goals. One such
example is Alltech's Bioplex® organic trace mineral
range. Inorganic trace minerals are poorly absorbed by
most species, and producers tend to over-supplement
livestock rations to compensate for this inefficiency. Such
practices compound inefficiencies, costing the farmer
extra resources and creating pollution in the form of
concentrated excreta.
Alltech has proven that organic trace minerals, in the
form of Bioplex® and Sel-Plex®, can be included at
significantly lower levels while still improving animal
performance. This optimizes animal mineral requirements
and reduces negative environmental impacts. We call this
livestock farming