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McHale add two new
machines to its range
at The Ploughing
In 2010, McHale launched the fi rst machine in its silage feeder
and straw blower range, the C460.This machine has been very
well accepted in the market. As a direct result of its success
McHale have had requests from users for a linkage machine
and a machine which could handle two fi ve-foot bales.
At the National Ploughing Championship in Tullamore,
McHale will add two new machines to its silage
feeder & straw blower range: The McHale C430,
which is a 3-point linkage silage feeder and straw
blower; and the McHale C460 L, a trailed machine
which has the capacity to handle two 5ft bales.
The entire range consists of a versatile range of machines,
which can be used for feeding short fi bre silage and can also
be used to easily distribute long fi bre fodder such as hay
and straw. The three models in the McHale silage feeding
straw blowing range can either feed round or square bales.
The three machines share a number of common features
which deliver optimum performance. A key feature
is the machine's twin-speed independent gearbox,
which allows the operator to easily adjust the rpm from
280 rpm for feeding silage or hay up to 540 rpm for
using the machine to distribute straw for bedding.
According to a spokesperson, the range is also ideal for
feeding silage and hay. "The two speed gearbox allows
silage to be distributed exactly where it is desired. The
speed of the conveyor is proportionally controlled,
allowing the operator to adjust feeding speed depending
on material density and composition. The feed rotor is
equipped with 56 blades mounted on seven discs. The feed
rotor is driven by a hydraulic motor, which is independent
of the fl ywheel (straw blowing turbine). This reduces
the amount of power required to start the machine.
The belt system, which drives the feed rotor, can be
hydraulically disengaged. The high torque belt drive
system ensures that the fl ywheel (straw blowing turbine)
can be worked independently of the rotor. This gives a
number of advantages, namely: the fl ywheel (straw blowing
turbine) can be at full rpm before the rotor starts to feed;
the horsepower requirements are reduced; it ensures
that the machine is less likely to block on start up.
The models can be used to distribute bedding material
quickly and e ciently leaving a thick aerated bed of
straw. In di cult to access bedding areas, the chute
on the range can pass through 300 degrees for ease
of feeding. Straw can be blown 18m on the right hand
side and 13m to the left hand side of the machine.
Additionally, the McHale Silage Feeding & Straw
Blowing Range is controlled via an electronic control
console, which allows the operator to control
machine operation from the tractor cab."
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McHale add two new
McHale add two new
machines to its range
McHale add two new
Ploughing 2018
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