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Kerry goes outside
for finance role
Kerry has an impressive record of
breeding high-flying executives,
many of whom have gone on to
lead other companies both here and
abroad. Ornua's Kevin Lane and
Gabriel D'Arcy, CEO of LacPatrick,
are just two prime examples.
Kerry's own chief executive,
Edmond Scanlon, is a `lifer' with
the international food company,
having progressed through the ranks
in a number of roles, including
the semi-mandatory overseas
stint. In identifying a new chief
financial officer (CFO) to replace
Brian Mehigan, however, the Kerry
directors have decided to cast the
net wider, bringing in an outsider,
Marguerite Larkin from Deloitte. As
an accountant and senior partner
with Deloitte, Marguerite has
considerable experience working
with some of the top brands in
food and beverages, as well as with
the pharmaceutical and high-tech
sectors. Brian Mehigan remains with
the Kerry Group, moving on to fill
the role of chief strategy officer. He
held the CFO job since 2002 and
is an executive director of Kerry,
with a reported basic salary well
in excess of 500,000 and total
remuneration tipping towards 2m.
Last year, Kerry had total sales
of 6.4bn, with profits of 589m.
Continuing its acquisition policy,
the company spent close to 400m
on eight acquisitions in 2017.
MARCH 2018
Former Irish Farmers'
Association (IFA) general
secretary Pat Smith is moving
to the sunny side of life, with
the overhanging legal case
with the IFA now settled. Pat
is building a new business in
renewable solar energy.
His newly established
company, Local Power Ltd,
specialises in rooftop solar
and battery storage for self-
consumption, LED retrofits
and intelligent building
management solutions.
He is also the co-chair of
the Micro Renewable Energy
Federation (MREF), which
is a lobby group working on
behalf of specialist renewable
energy businesses. In his
previous roles with the IFA,
Pat was one of the early
movers to buy renewable
energy at a discounted
rate for farmers when the
electricity market was first
deregulated. New solar
technology that promises far
greater energy harvesting from
the sun could completely
reorder our energy sourcing in
the years ahead.
Countrywide increases listenership
We hear Calor has extended its sponsorship of RTÉ's
show, which is presented by Damien O'Reilly.
The sponsorship is worth 130,000, and includes promotional spots,
and sponsorship of the
CountryWide website and podcast.
The news comes on the back of the latest JNLR results, which show
the rural affairs show increased its listenership by 23,000 to 190,000.
That's a pretty impressive audience, given its Saturday morning slot,
when a lot of people are having a lie-in. Maybe Damien is providing a
little pillow talk for
CountryWide listeners!
The Saturday morning show is directly up against George Hook of
Newstalk, making the increased listenership all the more impressive.
Sharon Nolan, marketing manager of Calor, with Damien O'Reilly, presenter of CountryWide.
Irish Country Living editor to step down
More change over at the Irish Farmers Journal. We understand that Mairead Lavery is to step
down on March 31 as editor of the IFJ supplement, Irish Country Living.
The 40-page supplement perfectly complements the IFJ readership, with something for all
of the farm family. It covers fashion, food, gardening, property, health, sport and careers. The
publication also offers opinions and advice on issues that affect farm families. Mairead has
done an exceptional job with the product, always looking to keep the content relevant to her
readers. We believe she is to stay on as a columnist, and will no doubt be instrumental in the
appointment of her successor.
Smith goes solar
New solar technology promises far greater energy harvesting.

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Eff ect of vaccination against
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