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Beefing up the
Chinese market
With news that another beef slaughter
plant has been approved for exports to
China, we now have a total of 12 plants on
the approved list, consisting of seven beef
plants and five pigmeat plants. Total Irish
agri-food trade exports to China reached
almost 795 million last year. That means
that this is now our fifth largest meat
market outlet, which is impressive, given
that the market only opened for Irish
beef exports last year. China was the
third largest dairy export market and the
second largest pigmeat export market
last year and is also a growing market for
seafood and other food and drink exports.
Beef exports commenced in 2018,
with 1,400 tonnes exported worth an
estimated 2.8 million. According to
USDA figures China consumed over 8.5
million tonnes of beef in 2018. This is
more than any other country outside the
USA and almost 4 per cent ahead of 2017
consumption levels. There is clearly a lot
of potential in the Chinese market for beef
exports from Ireland, provided, of course,
that the price is right.
MAY 2019
Beotanics, an Irish
firm with a growing
international reputation
for innovation in niche
food crop production
across the world, is
investing 1 million
in a new Research &
Development Centre
which includes a plant
science laboratory,
plant quarantine and
R&D greenhouse
at its headquarters
in Stoneyford, Co
Kilkenny. Look out for
our full report in the
next issue of IFM.
Commissioner Phil Hogan
and Beotanics founder and
owner Pat Fitzgerald.