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Ploughing 2018 Focus
AerWay Aerators tackle
grass productivity
After the long dry spell, ground is
really hard now which e ects the
ability of the soil to do its work.
Also tractors and forage harvesting
machinery, trailers and manure
spreaders will have caused signifi cant
soil compaction and negatively
a ected the soil's ability to maintain
plant productivity. Dealing with
compaction makes a dramatic
improvement in soil tilt and is the
most basic step that can be taken to
improve crop production.
Three systems work together to make
soil productive physical, biological
and chemical. Soil scientists agree
that the physical condition of soil is
the key to e cient biological and
chemical activity which, in turn,
determines the capacity of the
soil to produce plant life.
Originally developed in
New Zealand and now
manufactured in Canada,
AerWay aerators feature
patented `'Shattertine' tines
which lift and fracture tough
compacted soils to increase air
and water movement, allowing
the basic soil elements
mineral, air, water and organic
matter to interact to increase crop yields and stocking rates
without the necessity for extra fertiliser. A spokesperson commented:
"AerWay aerators are available as linkage mounted and trailed models
with a range of working widths The business end of the machine is a
set of four bladed star wheels positioned at intervals along the axle.
The triangular blades, each 20cm long and built to withstand heavy
punishment, are the best part of 2cm thick in the shank before they
taper out to the edges. The blades are also angled, so that when they
are in the ground they open up the surface to receive vital moisture
and air with minimum surface disturbance. Further adjustment is
available with the Quick-Adjust axles which allows complete control
of the type of treatment required from simple aeration to over
seeding , renovation and tillage operations."
Same Deutz-Fahr
appoints new UK
country manager
SDF has appointed Graham Barnwell
as its new UK and Ireland country
manager. Mr Barnwell has spent most of
his career working with the after sales
side of the SLH Group and subsequently
with the SDF Group since its inception
in 1997. Until 2003 he held the position
of service manager with the company.
Various product and marketing roles
followed within the organisation
until he was promoted to Group UK
marketing manager in 2010, which
was a position he held until sales
management responsibilities were
added in January 2018. With more than
15 years' experience gained in sales and
marketing within the SDF Group, Mr
Barnwell has the appropriate credentials
to take the company forward in the UK
and to face the numerous opportunities
and challenges that exist within the
combine and small, medium and large
horsepower tractor market sectors.
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Ploughing 2018
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