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APRIL 2018
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In 2018, applications for the Basic Payment Scheme
and for the transfer of entitlements must be
made online via Making these
applications online is quick and simple, and in 2017
in the region of 114,000 farmers made their BPS
application online, according to this update from
Department of Agriculture, Food and the
Applying for the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) online has a
range of benefi ts for farmers. It helps you avoid certain simple
mistakes that were commonly seen on paper applications. The
online system will automatically tell you when there are errors
on your application, such as missing information. In the past,
such errors could have led to a delay in processing a paper-
based application.
Similarly, the online system can help farmers avoid overclaims,
which are the most common cause of penalties for farmers.
Again, the online system will fl ag any such issues to you at the
time so the issue can be fi xed in advance of submitting your
Perhaps the biggest benefi t of all is the availability of
preliminary checks. The Department of Agriculture, Food and
the Marine (DAFM) introduced preliminary checks for the fi rst
time in 2016 for online applicants. Preliminary checks allow
the DAFM to run a series of pre-checks and to notify applicants
of problems such as overclaims, dual claims, and overlaps.
A specifi ed time frame is then available to online applicants
to rectify any such issues in advance of any possible penalty
Online application can, therefore, help farmers to avoid certain
errors and to avoid penalties on their BPS payment.
There are similar benefi ts available to both farmers and the
DAFM by submitting transfer of entitlements online. Whether
the transfer is being carried out directly between two parties,
or by an agent, the online system will help in avoiding the most
common mistakes in transfer applications.
The number of farmers applying for their BPS online has
grown steadily in recent years, and in 2017 the facility to
transfer entitlements online was introduced successfully. For
those farmers who have yet to use the online system or who
have queries in relation to their online applications, a range
of supports are in place to ensure that the move to online
applications is as simple as possible. This will help to ensure
all farmers are in a position to make their BPS and transfer of
entitlements applications online quickly and simply.
The fi rst step in making your online application is to register
on For assistance on registering for www. you can contact the AgFood Registration Helpdesk
on 076-1064424. You can also use this phone number for
assistance in registering an agricultural consultant or advisor to
apply on your behalf. For help in completing your application
online, or making changes to your land details, you can contact
our BPS Application Queries Helpdesk on 076-1064420. The
Helpdesk can also provide information in relation to transfer
of entitlements applications. Instructional videos are also
available on These are easy-to-follow
guides for farmers to help them make their BPS and transfer-of-
entitlements applications online. In April and May, the DAFM
is also running a series of one-to-one clinics, where farmers
can sit down with a member of staff and make their online
application on the spot. Farmers will also be able to submit
a transfer-of-entitlements application at these clinics with
the assistance of a staff member. The details of these one-to-
one clinics are being widely publicised, and full list of all the
locations and dates is available at
The online application system for BPS and transfer-of-
entitlements applications is now open, and the closing date
for applications is May 15, 2018. All applications must be
made via Farmers can make their applications
themselves or authorise an agricultural consultant or adviser to
do so on their behalf.
The DAFM will continue to off er supports to farmers in making
their applications online to ensure everyone is in a position to
avail of the benefi ts that online application brings.
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