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Ploughing 2018 Focus
Andy Walsh, aftermarket
manager at Husqvarna
(Ireland) examines issues
a ecting those who use
ride-on mowers and
o ers some advice
The biggest complaint I get from ride-on mower users
is poor grass collection. Everyone I speak with that
experiences this problem tells me that the grass is getting
stuck in the chute and although this is what happens it is
only the symptom and not the cause. Assuming that you
have had a yearly service carried out on your machine and
all is in good working order there are a few causes of poor
grass collection but all are related to turbulence or the
lack of it. Turbulence in a lawnmower is rapidly moving air
created by the rotating blade. The air fl ow is directed by
the design of the cutting deck to throw the grass into the
catcher. The magnitude of the fl ow is dependent on the
volume of air under the deck, the speed of the blade and
the size of the lift on the end of the blade. If any of these
three things are not su cient you get poor grass collection.
Over the years I have had people tell me that
side discharge machines are very poor at grass
collection as the grass gets clogged in the chute.
This was believed
to be caused by
the grass coming
out of the side of
the machine and
having to travel a
long way to the
box on the back.
This was the case
many years ago
but not for the
reasons stated.
When ride-on
mowers were
fi rst imported
into Ireland from
America they were
side discharge
machines and
grass collection
was not
something that
they were interested in. They just cut the grass and
threw it out the side. To solve the collection issue here
a grass box was devised that was mounted on the
side of the machine but doing this did not provide the
facility to create su cient turbulence to collect the
grass. Various things were tried to solve the problem like
high lift blades and air pumps mounted on the chute
but none addressed the main issue that of a good air
supply under the deck. The best way to describe the
problem is to think of stirring a big pot of porridge. As
there is little or no air in it stays in the pot. If you take an
air line and put it in the pot and stir what do you think
will happen? You can have the biggest horsepower
engine turning as fast as you like but without a clean
and constant air supply you will not collect the grass.
Husqvarna some years ago solved the problem by
designing a vented deck that takes the air in on top
thereby providing a good air supply.
These vents must be kept clean to maintain the air supply
and a good idea is to clean away any grass build up after
each use. Make sure that you have high lift grass collection
blades fi tted and lastly have your local service guy check
that your engine speed is correct. If all of these things
are as they should be and the grass collection is still not
good you may be cutting too low or driving too fast which
will put intolerable strain on your deck belt and result in
premature wear or breakage. If you listen to the engine
and it starts to labour lift the deck up or reduce your
speed. I hope that this is of some use to you and good
luck for the rest of the season.
Tips for effi cient
grass collection
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Ploughing 2018
Tips for effi cient
Tips for effi cient
Andy Walsh, aftermarket
manager at Husqvarna
(Ireland) examines issues
a ecting those who use
Tips for effi cient
Tips for effi cient
Tips for effi cient
Tips for effi cient
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