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Safety Focus
Safety Focus
The critical
safety risk factors
on farms
Farming is the most dangerous occupation in Ireland today. The circumstances around the main
drivers of these accidents and the life changing consequences are clearly laid out by Ciaran Roche,
Risk Manager and Company Safety Manager with FBD Insurance
"207 farm fatalities occurred on Irish farmers over the
past ten years, with sixteen occurring so far in 2019.
It is very frustrating to see similar issues constantly
recurring. Accidents involving tractors and other
machines account for fifty-one percent of all fatalities.
The next biggest cause of fatalities involves livestock
with falls from buildings and slurry gases and drownings
as the other most notable areas where deaths have
resulted. Areas of specific concern include children
under eighteen years of age and farmers over the age of
sixty-five. These vulnerable groups account for almost
half of all farm fatalities. There is no other industry where
this accident rate would occur with such frequency,
simply because it would not be allowed. People in these
age categories are not allowed to frequent almost all
other workplaces."
Lowering the risk factors
Ciaran is adamant that we need to place greater
emphasis on training and machinery maintenance
so that we can reduce the numbers of injuries and
deaths involving machinery on farms: "In many cases
involving tractors, there have been problems with faulty
handbrakes. In addition, there have been mismatches
between the tractor size and the weight and size of the
attached implement making the machines unstable. At