ARION 630 CIS+ “It’s the workhorse of the business” “ When it came to buying the second ARION tractor, I didn’t need a demonstration as I already loved the machine and I knew what I wanted. The ARION 630 CIS+, it really is leaps and bounds ahead of the old one, the driver comfort is lots better. Jim Jones, Little Worthen, Contractors, November 2019. ” PROACTIV front axle with increased carrying capacity and comfort levels and reduced maintenance. CIS+ – a new mid-range offering complete with electric programmable spools. 660 Cmatic model topping the range with 205hp CPM transport boost. CEBIS touch screen. The extended range 145-205hp, 6 cylinder ARION 600 and 125-165hp, 4 cylinder ARION 500 provide improved performance across a wider horsepower range with additional specification offerings. Contact your dealer for a demonstration or call CLAAS on: 041 981 4410