Management Hints  However there are so many management benefits, labour   JULY 2018 hours per day will be worth more than €2.80 per cow per day in extra profit. This is the only way to generate extra money out of the system at that time of year. Late July is the time to start the autumn build-up of grass. Plan for a 3rd cut of silage. It is too expensive to make but go for it. It will be grazed in September. Set 10% - 15% of the farm available for this management exercise. Stock cows at 2.9cows/ha on the grazing area on the milking platform and put the remainder aside for a “3rd – cut graze”. This is a positive approach to planning and managing aftergrass in autumn. Having taken the second cut the advice is: Apply 2000 – 3000 gallons of slurry on the day silage is picked up plus 40 – 60 units of CAN, 3-4 days later.  Where this mythical 3rd cut is not being planned you would only be spreading 20 – 30 units of N for aftergrass, resulting in lower yield of grass.  The extra 30 units of N applied, grows enough grass on every acre to feed 9 – 11 cows for an extra day.  If you close 15% of your farm for “3rd-cut-graze” then you will increase your rotation length by 6 – 9 days in September – October.  If August is a poor grass growing month, there is no panic if you are short on the grazing area.  Simply go and graze some of the ground that has been closed up for this “3rd-cutgraze”.  Where grazing ground is being closed up.  Top it very tightly in July.  Apply 50 – 70 units per acre and do not graze for 5 -6 weeks; that is until early September. All slurry tanks should be emptied on to second cut ground.  Few opportunities arise to spread slurry later in the year because of extended grazing.  Apply the slurry immediately after cutting, delaying the Nitrogen for 5-7 days. Malfunctioning milking machines contribute significantly to high SCC and clinical mastitis levels;  Teats are attached to the milking machine for nearly  growth in July. sowing, less machinery running costs, easier to stay within nitrate requirements. Use Urea as it is cheaper if rain (10mm) is expected within 48hours. Sulphur (20 units/acre/year) is now absolutely essential, particularly on light soils.       You must plan now if you wish to have a long grazing season. Important as we need to shorten the winter by having late grass available.  October – November seems a long way off but if you don’t plan and execute the build-up of grass from now you won’t have any grass in November.  Having enough grass in November to keep cows out 3 – 6  Late July: Start Grass Build-up!  MASTITIS CARE: 44