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Research Innovation Focus
Research Innovation Focus
Research Innovation
The B2B company makes a wide range
of cooked meats and fermented meat
ingredients, which form part of another
business's finished product, be that in a
restaurant chain, a casual dining chain or
in any number of manufactured, finished,
branded goods made by blue-chip
At the heart of the company's strategy
is innovation, which has allowed the
company to stay ahead of market
trends and service its customer base of
global food companies. Talking to Larry
Murrin, chief executive of Dawn Farm
Foods, he explains: "Over the years,
we have developed our skills, expertise
and resources. Our current science and
innovation team numbers over 35 people,
full-time, dedicated to science and
innovation. They have no other job than to
feed the needs of the business's customers
and manufacturing processes. That, and
the technologies that we deploy to make
us more sustainable and competitive in
food safety terms, quality and taste, is key
to our business."
The company exports 97 per cent of
everything it produces and its products
are served in more than 25,000 retail and
foodservice outlets around Europe, Africa
and the Middle East, every day of the
week. Larry states that this success would
not have been achieved without putting
innovation at the heart of the company's
focus. "Before we heard of this word
which is the best word for it the phrase
was research and development (R&D). But
that didn't adequately describe the activities
that the food industry needed to deliver in
order to grow. So, innovation is in fact the
correct way to approach it. It's innovation
in product, innovation in process,
innovation in how we serve our customer
and how we structure the relationships
with our customers and our business." At
any one time, there are more than 500 live
SKUs in Dawn Farm Foods' manufacturing
capabilities. "These would have turned over
several times over the years as markets
have changed and evolved," Larry adds.
"If you think about the level of innovation
and creativity that has to be continuously
poured into defining what products meet
the needs of today as distinct to the market
of yesterday, you realise how markets are
in a state of continuous evolution. It's true
of geographies, market segments and it's
true of channels into which you endeavour
to feed your products."
"We all tend to think of innovation as the
obvious things of product and process that
meets a customer or market need, and
it is all of those things. But there are also
other, perhaps softer, attributes that are just
as innovative. We use those in an obvious
way, to bridge existing relationships, or
new ones, with customers, to grow them
into trusted supply chains. That only
happens over time, it doesn't happen
because you have a great bag of tricks;
In the early 1980s
Dawn Farm Foods was
part of a group of food
start-ups in Ireland that
focused on research and
innovation to grow and
thrive. Today, Dawn Farm
Foods has scaled to an
international level, with
exports reaching over 50
countries worldwide
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