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Ploughing 2018 Focus
and effi ciency from
the new Frutteto
CVT S family
The new Frutteto CVT S family represents a genuine
revolution for the specialised tractor segment. A
spokesperson for the range says: "The new continuously
variable transmission equipping Same Frutteto CVT S
tractors combines e ciency typical of a mechanical
system with the comfort and smoothness of a
hydraulic system. Not only are there no clutch or
gears, many operations can even be performed
without using the throttle or brakes to maintain the
correct speed, by simply selecting and attaining the
required speed with the throttle. The engine speed
and transmission ratio are then matched automatically
to ensure maximum e ciency in relation to load."
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"Our BigX 630 has been a fantastic machine for us. Thanks to the
6 feed rollers and spring loaded drum fl oor, the intake is hard to beat."
Alfi e Byrne, Carlow, BigX 630
"The cab is a good place to spend a long day. We can go up one 30ft
row and into another thanks to how manoeuvrable she is."
Johnny Killen, Derry, BigX630
"My only regret is not buying a Krone years ago. The manoeuvrability
and ease of use makes it a great machine. I'd recommend 100%."
Jodi Moran, Westmeath, BigX 530
"The chop quality, rear axle suspension and ability to smooth out
lumpy crops with her 6 feed rollers make her a serious machine.
Backup and machine have been top class for us."
K. Livingstone, Armagh, BigX 770
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Diet formulation
Dry cow management
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National Ploughing
September 18, 19
and 20.
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