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JULY 2019
Management Hints
If extra K has to be applied, August is the best
Apply 5-10 units of Sulphur per acre.
Empty all slurry and soiled water tanks now.
October-November seems a long way off but if you
don't plan and execute the build-up of grass from now
you won't have enough grass in October- November.
Having enough grass then to keep cows out 3-6 hours
per day will be worth more than 1.70 per cow per day
in extra profit.
A very worthwhile reason to make a plan.
Late July is the time to start the autumn build up of
Plan for a "3rd cut-silage graze".
It is too expensive to cut but go for it.
It should be grazed in September.
Set 15-20 per cent of the farm available for this
management exercise.
Stock cow at 2.9 cows/ha on the grazing area and
put the remainder aside for a "3rd-cut-graze". If
this SR isn't possible you are overstocked and
you will have to feed extra meals to slow down
the rotation in Aug-Sept.
I say "go for it" because your approach to planning and
managing aftergrass will be more positive.
Having taken the second cut, preferably 25-31st July, the
advice is:
Apply 60-70 units of N per acre, plus a little P &
K in the form of Cut Sward.
Or, apply 1,500 - 2,000 gallons of slurry on the
day silage is picked up plus 55-60 units of N, 5-7
days later.
Where this mythical 3rd cut is not being planned you
would only be spreading 40-50 units of N for aftergrass
resulting in lower yield of grass.
The extra 30 units of N applied, grows enough
grass (270 kgs DM) on every acre which will feed
10-13 cows for an extra day.
If you close 15 per cent of your farm for "3rd-cut-
graze" this will allow you increase your rotation
length by 6-9 days in September-October.
Having set this `3-cut-graze' aside you may run tight in
grass for grazing, but there is no need to panic as you
have a number of options.
Simply go and graze some of the ground that has
been closed up for this "3rd-cut-graze", or,
Let the rotation length shorten in light of the fact
that you have more grazing ground coming in, or,
Feed surplus round baled silage previously cut
from the paddocks to tide you over, or,
Reduce stocking rates on the cow area.
JULY 2019
Management Hints