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farmer can now do it better as he not tired.
ˇ And it still allows these cows be submitted for
service during the crucial 3-week submission
target (90 per cent)
If you have a good scanner that can identify pregnancy
at 28 days, then, you should scan as suggested above,
35 days after MSD. You now will know which cows are
pregnant/weak pregnancies and you can do something
about it.
ˇ Farmers with automatic identification can easy
draft out the appropriate cows one day per week
for three consecutive weeks.
ˇ Without such "luxury" you can identify them by
putting a red/green/blue stripe across the cow's
shoulder for each of the first three weeks of breeding.
This is a fact because:
ˇ Each standing mount only lasts 2-3 seconds.
ˇ The average number of mounts by Holstein-
Friesians and heifers is 11.
ˇ Bulling lasts 3-30 hours, averaging 11 hours.
ˇ So, you only have a window of 25-40 seconds to
see some cows bulling.
If you miss her, you have lost 70-100.
ˇ You must use heat detection aids.
ˇ Only 59 per cent of farmers use them which show an
amazing lack of commitment to making money.
What heat detection aids are available?
ˇ Tail paint with non-drip household emulsion at a
cost of 20-25 cents per cow for the season.
ˇ Specialised tail paints with brush on bottle
costing 1 per cow for the season.
ˇ Aerosol sprays, costing 30-80 cents per cow.
ˇ Kamars, costing 1.50-1.80 each.
ˇ Paint sticks, costing 15 cents per cow or so every
time it is put on.
ˇ `Scratch cards'.
ˇ Computerised aids, expensive, but, have
improved greatly over the last few years
ˇ Vasectomise bull, but do not use him until 5-6
weeks into the breeding season as he will be
`murdered'. You still have time to get the vet to
`fix up' an uncastrated yearling. They are worth
anything late in the season.
To convince you on the paint, the following research
data is worth remembering:
ˇ If 90 per cent - 100 per cent of the paint is
removed, then there is a 95 per cent chance the
cow is bulling.
ˇ Even if 50 per cent of the paint is removed there
is a 70 per cent chance she is bulling.
ˇ So, you should bull cows when paint is gone.
To avoid confusion it is essential to put on the paint
ˇ A 9-inch long by 2-inch wide strip from the top of
tail head forward.
ˇ If it is wider or longer than this you will be
confused if some paint removed.
ˇ Come down a bit the tail head for heifers but
definitely not for cows.
Use ICBF sire advice to choose your AI bulls from the
active bull list.
I suggest you identify the bulls you wish to use or let
Sire Advice pick them off the Active Bull list or use
the AI companies' package (may not give you the best
available bulls).
- Manually choose the bulls you require and match
them up with your very best cows, or with cows
for Jerseys; any poor cow should be matched with
an easy calving beef bull and any cow identified for
culling (now a good time to decide) should not be
I suggest you pick from the following high EBI Bulls so
as to improve fertility and % F & P:
- Friesian for cows; FR4513, FR4337, FR2460, FR4560,
FR4439, FR4510, FR4532, FR2424, FR4673, FR4776
- Friesian for Heifers; FR4560, FR4439, FR4532,
FR2424, FR4673, FR4776, FHS, OZG
- Jerseys: JE4289, JE2438. JE4827, OKT.
Cross breeding has merit. Consider it very seriously if:
ˇ You have an infertile herd.
ˇ You have wet land and you want a small efficient
ˇ You have a large herd with the possibility of lots
of walking.
ˇ These bulls would not want to be greater than
60-80 less than a B&W bull on fertility.
Use a stock bull if you wish to lose 80-100 per year
for every cow in your herd by not using AI.
ˇ You also run the risk of injury.
ˇ Beef stock bulls (AA or Hereford) should be doesn't have
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