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MAY 2018
Grass & Muck 2018
MAY 2018
Grass & Muck 2018
ECI JCB to launch nationwide
Fastrac roadshow at Grass & Muck
JCB has announced details of a package of upgrades for
its 4000 Series and 8000 Series tractors, which,
the company says, adds further operator appeal,
increased road-going performance and fuel economy.
It has also introduced options for guidance and Isobus
implement control.
"Experienced Fastrac users, as well as farmers and
contractors operating a Fastrac for the first time, have
come to appreciate the productivity gains resulting from
the tractors' unique capabilities in the field and on the
road; particularly the ride comfort and ability to `press on'
with fieldwork in conditions that cause operators of less
comfortable tractors to slow down.
Collectively, the upgrades bring refinements and features
that operators have asked for and have been introduced
as part of JCB's ongoing product development philosophy
to further improve the Fastrac experience," a company
spokesperson said.
"The three Fastrac 4000 Series tractors from 130-175kW
(175-235hp) have a top speed of 60kmph while the new
228-260kW (306-348hp) Fastrac 8000 tractors can reach
65kmph. Both are equipped with suspension on both axles,
dual circuit four-wheel braking with large external discs,
and anti-lock control to maintain the highest possible
level of braking performance and steering control on all
surfaces. These features ensure the Fastrac 4000 and
8000 tractors complete journeys more quickly, and are
less tiring to drive ­ so operators can work more hours in
the day and raise overall productivity by performing fast in
the field as well as on the road."
Control software development for the stepless
transmission in both Fastrac models now gives operators a
choice of three settings in the Drive mode.
ECI JCB will have on show this year the JCB TM Loadall
on its static stand, and the JCB419 and 435 will be
performing on the pit. The Fastrac 4160, 4220 and flagship
Fastrac 8330 will be in full flight on the demo plots with a
combination of mowers, rakes and combi baler.
Full details of the roadshow will be available from the ECI
JCB stand at the event or from ECI directly.
Pöttinger says its latest development enables swaths
to be merged for the first time without a conditioner.
Thanks to the new Cross Flow (CF) auger, the swath is
merged immediately after mowing.
"Feedback from the field was the basis for this development,
following demands for a cost-effective and straightforward
system for swath merging that would also be suitable for
simple rear-mounted mowers. Pöttinger makes it possible
with the new CF auger that merges the forage to form one
swath right after mowing. The closed design prevents forage
losses. The benefits of savings in diesel costs are clear. As a
result, Pöttinger offers an attractive, cost-effective alternative
to trailed mowers. The new technology ensures optimum
crop and soil conservation," a Pöttinger spokesperson said.
"The flexibility of this system is unique: the CF auger can be
opened by hand. This offers the highest level of flexibility for
farms that only need swath merging for one crop (forage rye,
for example). "The CF system is driven by the outer mower
discs, a second gearbox on the outside, three V-belts and
a double universal joint. What is unique is the diagonally
arranged auger with its increasing pitch windings. This design
enables large volumes of forage to be continuously conveyed
to the side. Uniform swath formation is guaranteed as a
result. A clean field, clean forage and no losses ­ that is neat
work. The enclosed casing of the CF prevents losses: 100 per
cent of the mowed crop reaches the swath. This technology
is perfect, especially for forage rye. An additional swath
curtain is also available for a narrower swath. Wide placement
of the forage is also possible by simply opening the casing."
Swath merging without
conditioners from Pöttinger
Novacat CF.
JCB Fastrac
and loader.
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