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Ploughing 2018 Focus
HiSpec display
At the Ploughing Championships this year, HiSpec will have on display
their dribble bar solution from AgQuip. According to the company:
"The AgQuip dribble bar has become extremely popular due to its
simple design and ease of use. The dribble bar is designed to follow
ground contour without exerting any downward force. This ensures
that there is no additional horsepower requirement to use the dribble
bar. Available in 6m or 7m working widths, the splash-plate is also in
place so the farmer/contractor has the convenience of both systems.
The AgQuip dribble bar is galvanised for long life. The lower half of
the dribble bar will pivot to follow ground contours. This allows the
specialised rubber boots to present the slurry evenly on the ground
and soiling is avoided. " HiSpec will also have on display a trailing shoe
option from AgQuip. Available in either a 6m or 7.5m working width, the
trailing shoe is carried on an independent lifting mast on the rear of the
tanker. Both the AgQuip dribble bar use a Vogelsang Exa-Cut distributor
as standard to distribute the slurry evenly to each hose. In additional to
these, the Xcel 1250 rear discharge manure spreader will be on display,
which according to the company has the ability to accurately and
evenly spread to 24 metres. "The XCEL 1250 is unique in that it uses a
rotary chain and fl ail system to achieve a good break up of material,
which is then spread using a pair of spinning discs. The Xcel is able
to spread all types of material such as farmyard manure, sludge cake,
muck lime, wood mulch and chicken compost."
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Ploughing 2018
HiSpec display
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