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Valtra Guide, the auto-guidance solution from Valtra,
ensures recording and confi guring waylines and
boundaries is easy. The recently updated Valtra Guide
map page is easy to operate allowing you to access all
setting menus and guidance functions on the same page.
You can fi nd your waylines, correction signal settings,
Section Control, Variable Rate Control behind the one
guidance icon. With the best receivers and correction
signals available, Valtra Guide follows waylines precisely
to minimise overlaps and skips and it lets you apply the
right amount of input in the right place on each fi eld to
achieve the best outcome. No matter what the weather
condition, accuracy is guaranteed as the GPS-based
guidance pinpoints your exact location in the fi eld. The
increased accuracy reduces the costs of seeds, fertiliser,
and pesticides, resulting in a higher return on your
investment, and a positive impact on the environment.
With Valtra SmartTouch and ISOBUS, you can work
with any ISOBUS-compatible implement, from any
manufacturer. The SmartTouch armrest acts as an
ISOBUS terminal eliminating the need to have a separate
screen for each implement, saving you both time and
money. When you give the command, your implement
gets the message immediately. ISOBUS also makes
compatible implements "Plug and Play", so when you
connect the implement to your Valtra tractor, all the
relevant machine data is uploaded to the terminal
Valtra Section Control automatically turns rows and boom
sections on and off to prevent overlap and avoid gaps.
Section Control makes it easy to plan, save and recall work
and settings for each fi eld and gives you high precision,
even with large implements and even in poor visibility.
Section Control works with all compatible ISOBUS
implements that comply with the ISO 11783 standard and
that support Section Control functionality.
Look to make paperwork a thing of the past with Valtra
TaskDocŪ. Just start working and all the documentation
you need will be created automatically. When you're
fi nished, the documentation can be transferred by USB or
wirelessly to your farm management system (FMS). Plan
variable rate maps in the farm offi ce and transfer them to
your tractor for automatic control - simple. You can access
your data anytime, anywhere, via the FMS in your farm
Embrace the power of
Smart Farming with Valtra
Valtra is leading the way in Smart Farming with a suite of technologies
that work seamlessly together ­ Valtra Guide, ISOBUS, Section
Control and TaskDocŪ ­ all of which are operated from their unique
SmartTouch armrest. These technologies have been designed to make
your life easier and are available in the N, T & S Series tractors.