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MAY 2019
As more and more farmers come to realise the true value grass brings to their business, the more
demanding they are of the machinery that enables them to make the most of this valuable resource.
As a result, ScotGrass has become an important event for
grassland farmers from all over northern Britain, as they
seek to become ever-more efficient and, subsequently,
Precision, ease of operation, reliability and value for
money these are some of the boxes that need to be
ticked when investing in new grass kit, and all of them
satisfied by Massey Ferguson's comprehensive line-up of
its latest machine offering.
In order of their appearance in the field, here's a summary
of what Massey Ferguson are showing at Crichton Royal
Farm, Dumfries, this month.
MF DM 316 TL V KC Disc Mower-Conditioner (rear)
This is the latest model in the range, featuring a full-width
spreading device, centre support and three-point linkage,
together with hydro-pneumatic suspension. Simple,
robust and reliable, this new machine has a large contact
drum area that imposes minimal ground pressure, while
at the same time handling the crop with respect. Chunky
square steel gear frames ensure a prolonged life of service.
MF DM 306 Disc Mower (front)
An eight-model range of highly-effective and economical
front disc mowers, providing a precision cut with
high output, even in challenging conditions. Speed of
operation, a precision cut and high throughput combine
to achieve blockage-free efficiency.
MF TD 776 Tedder
The TD 776 is part of a range of new generation of high
output tedders that embrace operating widths from 4.5m,
right up to 12.7m, covering all forage crops and prevailing
conditions. Simple to set up and adjust, synchronised
lifting of exterior rotors is via a centralised hydraulic lift
system that avoids the accumulation of one-sided loads
even on difficult terrain. 12 models to choose from.
MF RK 662 Rake
Available with one, two or four rotors and in working
widths from 3.4m right up to 14.0m, these rakes deliver
impressive uniformity, with right-hand side delivery.
Thanks to the tangentally arranged tine arms, you can
select a swath width of between 0.6m and 2.2m.
MF RB 3130F Round baler Combination
A new model, launched towards the end of last year, this
fixed chamber machine incorporates a number of updates
designed to enhance performance and bale quality. The
chamber, for example, now has a new spiral design to
boost feeding and bale rotation while increasing bale
density and net grip. In addition, mechanical tailgate locks
with pressure sensors on both sides help to maintain the
shape of the bales.
MF RB 4160V Variable Round Baler Xtra
For even higher output, the 4160V produces bales up to
1.6m in diameter and features a patented bale formation
system that combines spring and hydraulic pressure to
create dense, uniform bales.
MF TW 130 trailed wrapper
The MF TW 130 trailed wrapper is a new addition to the
MF hay and forage range and is ideal for operators who
want to wrap bales separately, offering protection and
preservation of fodder quality.
A straightforward wrapper with a rigid frame, the MF TW
130 offers an exceptionally low wrapping table and semi-
MF loading up
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ScotGrass 2019
MAY 2019