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JULY 2019
A comprehensive package of upgrades has brought a new slick-shifting transmission and other
improvements to the Landini 7 Series, the most powerful and sophisticated design in the Landini
range suited to grassland and arable work
With the new Robo-Six transmission at its heart but
with an optional V-Shift `vario' transmission also available
the 7 Series now encompasses four-cylinder models
(previously identified as the 6 Series) from 141hp to 176hp
and six-cylinder versions from 151hp to 225hp.
While the 7-230 with that very powerful peak output for
transport work, as well as static and mobile pto-driven
implements, has become the flagship of the range, expect
to see the 151hp 7-160 being one of the best-sellers of this
particular line-up.
"The Landini 7-160 Robo-Six is an attractive solution when
farms are looking to shift up from a four-cylinder tractor
to get the power, weight and longer wheelbase needed
when they buy a larger slurry tanker or muck spreader,"
says Will Doyle, Landini national sales manager in Ireland.
"This is an advanced tractor but one that's easy to operate,
especially in Active specification with manual spool valves
and not too many electronic features," he adds.
"That makes it the ideal tractor of this size and power for
anyone to hop on and drive without much instruction,
while also being attractive to operators thanks to the
spacious, quiet and comfortable Lounge cab with its great
all-round visibility."
Like all six-cylinder models in the Landini 7 Series, the
7-160 comes as standard with a 30x15 version of the new
Robo-Six transmission, which combines ZF hardware
with control software from Landini manufacturer Argo
According to Landini, it is a very effective combination,
which delivers smooth and progressive gear changes, as
well as transitions between forwards and reverse using the
left-hand power shuttle. Unlike the 24-speed Roboshift
that preceded it, the Robo-Six design is configured with
five ranges and six powershift steps, which results in
excellent speed control versatility, whether used manually
or in auto mode, either on the road or in the field.
Creep gears are an optional addition for operators
needing extra-low or additional ratios for specialist
applications. Under the hood, Landini engineers have
installed a Euro Stage IV /US Tier 4 Final emissions-
compliant version of the familiar 6.7-litre engine built by
FPT Industrial, successor to the Iveco engines business.
This uses a diesel oxidising catalyst (DOC) in addition
to an uprated selective catalytic reduction (SCR) AdBlue
injection system to further clean up exhaust emissions
but there is no diesel particulates filter (DPF) thanks to
the combustion efficiency and effectiveness of the SCR
exhaust after-treatment.
A bonus is that Dual Power engine management is
common across the range, when only certain models had
it previously. This results in the 7-160's 151hp draft work
output automatically climbing to 165hp when driving a
mobile pto-driven implement or when hauling a trailer,
tanker or spreader along the road.
In the hydraulics department, Active versions of the 7-160
pack a 123-litre/min variable flow piston pump as standard,
which can be down-specced to an 88-litre/min gear pump
system, whereas on Dynamic models the pump option is
an upgrade to a new 160-litre piston unit for operating
high-demand implements such as pneumatic drills.
The higher-spec version also comes with other equipment
and electronic enhancements and can be had with a large
touch-screen for setting up the transmission, hydraulics
and other systems and, optionally, with ISOBUS control
of implements.
Fully integrated Topcon guidance systems and precision
Landini 7 Series
Robo-Six tractors
JULY 2019