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APRIL 2019
Management Hints
Apply approx.. 100 units of N, discounting for
some residual N, with appropriate P and K
After the spring we have had most farmers should finish
the first rotation between 1st and 12th April (wet land).
On many farms covers are low, approximately 1,000
Kgs DM, on the early paddocks of the second rotation
Poor growth rates or not grazed early enough
and/or many paddocks suffered some soil
compaction/poaching damage
Too much ground grazed after 10th March.
This will result in farmers grazing the second rotation
too fast due to low covers.
The first paddocks of the second rotation should not be
grazed in the third rotation until after 25th April:
They need 25 to 30 days to regrow because
growth rates in April will average to 40-50 Kgs
DM per day.
Therefore, do not let this rotation become too
To provide quality grass and be able to graze out
paddocks correctly:
It is essential to go into grass covers of 1,300-
1,500 Kgs DM per hectare.
However, the pre-grazing covers (PGC) for
anyone on 4.7 cows/ha should be 1700kgs/ha
that from 20th April on.
Very low stocked farms should go into lower
Poached or damaged paddocks; make absolutely certain
to graze on a dry day.
Under grazed paddocks on 1st rotation should be
grazed out tight this time to encourage tillering and set
them up for the summer.
You are advised to graze out to 4cm or less at this time
Every 1 cm post grazing grass left after grazing
represents 250 kgs DM/ha grass, which will rot.
If you leave 200 Kgs of grass DM/ha (many
farmers leaving a lot more) in the paddock
after the cows have grazed, that is the same as
throwing 200 Kgs meal (= 55) down the drain
because that grass will have rotted away by next
If you leave 1cm too much after each grazing, that
comes to 2 ton DM/ha lost during the year.
Over 110 units/acre of N must have been applied to
every acre on the farm by early April.
Therefore, apply 40 units N/acre in early April. It
required because a lot of grass grew this spring
using up a lot of N and we will run into grass
shortage because of low levels on N available and
poor tillering
Urea is the cheapest source but some farmers
have a confused ignorance that CAN is better-
not so!
Use Nitrogen to match your stocking rate during
April/May as follows:
APRIL 2019
Management Hints