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Industry leading equipment manufacturer SlurryKat, have just launched a
completely new Duo (Dual Purpose) Dribblebar range ahead of this year's
upcoming umbilical season. With the threat looming of the all-out ban on
splash plates imminent, there has never been a greater focus on alternative
spreading methods, of which the dribblebar has been the most favoured and
cost eff ective option to date. To meet this increasing demand and to satisfy
more intensive users, SlurryKat have developed an all-new 10m and 12m
vertical folding dribblebar which can be both tanker mounted or alternatively
used on an existing umbilical system. The 10m and 12m duo dribblebars
now feature a lower frame height in order to maximise visibility to the rear
when operating the system on an umbilical set up. The frame is again heavy
duty and capable of carrying the all new Bak Pak Reeler system which has
also been redesigned to now carry up to 1200m of 5" umbilical hose. The
dribblebar arms fold vertical initially with the outside section hydraulically
folding backwards and down in order to keep transport height to a minimum.
As with all SlurryKat Duo Dribblebars they have the added benefi t that they can
be tanker mounted.Commenting, SlurryKat CEO Garth Cairns said: "For the
incoming 2020 slurry season we have redeveloped and dramatically enhanced
all our spreading technology range of dribble bars and trailing shoes. These
two new duo dribble bars, 10 & 12 metre models put us clearly at the forefront
of the market technologically. We have made a signifi cant development
investment in these units so we can provide users of the units performance
that is previously unseen on hills and slopes which is head and shoulders above
the competition and I am very pleased to now be able off er the market this
new advanced technology."
Revolutionary front mower technology from Pottinger
was recognised at Agritechnica in Hanover recently,
awarded "Machine of the Year". An international jury from
11 nations awarded the coveted prize in a total of 15
categories. Pöttinger received the prestigious award in the
"Haying" category. The jury praised the easy attachment
to any tractor and the proven kinematics of the active
support frame. With the ALPHA MOTION headstock, the
entire carrier frame adapts to the ground contours. Each
movement controls the carrier frame to ensure a "fl oating
cut". Even at high speeds and over wet ground, which
results in a unique conservation of the swaths. The mower
is guided harmoniously over each bump in the ground,
which means that it is less stressed and wear is reduced.
The award ceremony took place on 12
November 2019.
Gregor Dietachmayr (Speaker of the Executive Board),
T.C. Truesdell (Marketing Director) and Daniel Ratzberger
(Director Product Management) accepted the award. This
latest award follows the "Machine of the Year 2019" award
for the NOVACAT CROSS FLOW at SIMA in Paris.
Frederik Masur (Agrartechnik), T.C. Truesdell, Daniel Ratzberger, Gregor
Dietachmayr (PÖTTINGER Landtechnik) with the presenter of the evening.
Machine of the Year 2020
SlurryKat Expand Duo Dribblebar Range
Contact your dealer for a demonstration
or call CLAAS on: 041 981 4410
ARION 600 ­ "It's got it all"
The ARION has plenty of power,
but in a compact frame, so it's very
manoeuvrable. It's very comfortable
to operate, the cab specification is
right, the suspension's very good and
visibility excellent. It's got it all.
Josh Phillips, GB Phillips & Son, Pembrokeshire,
ARION 660, September 2019.
The extended range 145-205hp, 6 cylinder ARION 600 and 125-165hp, 4 cylinder ARION 500 provide improved performance
across a wider horsepower range with additional specification offerings.
CIS+ ­ a new mid-range
offering complete with electric
programmable spools.
660 Cmatic model topping
the range with 205hp CPM
transport boost.
CEBIS touch screen.
PROACTIV front axle with
increased carrying capacity
and comfort levels and reduced
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