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APRIL 2019
Contractors ­ No Deal
By Tom Murphy,
Professional Contractors
Association of Ireland
I think it's fair to say that if
there was a movie with the
storyline of Brexit, it would be
deemed to be so far-fetched
and unbelievable that no one
would pay to see it. However,
over the past few years, this
tragic scenario has played out
before our very eyes, staggering from one crisis to another.
Shame on the EU for eschewing David Cameron's requests on
immigration and precipitating a referendum that saw the start
of the UK leaving the EU. Shame on the UK Parliament, which
is not fit to represent its electorate. Shame on the UK and
the EU (including Ireland), who with their collective technical
expertise cannot find a solution to the border issue.
As farmers and agricultural contractors face an uncertain
future it is only right that EU Commissioner Phil Hogan prom-
ises farmers will receive assistance should the Brexit "deal" af-
fect them. That said, I hear no promise of help for agricultural
contractors, who are at the sharp end, having invested heavily
in machinery to support farmers and will be equally a ected.
A bad deal for farmers = "a digout". A bad deal for agri con-
tractors = "on your bike".
Why are agricultural contractors treated in such a laissez-faire
way by the Department of Agriculture? Is there a Plan B in
place should there be a shortage of skilled agricultural con-
tractors to support our farmers? How long can Irish farming
survive on pop-up agricultural contractors? A lot of ques-
tions, but they need answering by our politicians and o cials.
This week I said goodbye to a good friend and neighbour
who died suddenly. He was in his eighties but as fit as any
sixty-year-old. He spent a lifetime in farming and was always
there to lend a hand or give advice to the younger generation
of farmers. He died after a long and happy life working his
land and I will miss him. But there are farming families who
will this year lose a loved one far too soon due to farm acci-
dents. Statistics predict that upwards of 15 people involved in
farming will be killed this year. Yet it doesn't have to happen
if you have the mindset to look out for danger when work-
ing around machinery and livestock and whilst carrying out
maintenance and the many jobs required on the farm. Your
family and friends should not have to su er a loss that could
be avoided.
Stay safe and prove the statistics wrong.
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