Competition AUGUST 2018 Prizes Galore Don’t forget to follow the Irish Farmers Monthly Twitter feed @farmersmonthly Who’s saying what on Twitter? A snapshot of our favourite tweets over the past few weeks National Ploughing @NPAIE NPA Managing Director presents @WebSummit @ paddycosgrave with the outstanding contribution award at the recent #EventAwardsIRL in @CitywestHotel @ FarmersMonthly @ FarmersGuardian @ EventAwardsIRL Irish Food Board @Bordbia Delighted to welcome 300 farmers to Fergal Doyle’s farm in Lahardane yesterday evening for our Knowledge Transfer Farm Walk. The first of many to take place across the co suntry over the coming months. Noreen Lacey @NoreenLacey Presentation to family of today’s host farmer @ kingconor2001 at IGA Dairy Summer Tour in Cork. #IGADAIRY #BackedbyAIB The Tipperary Farmer @nbclancy A spot of haymaking IFM has three excellent page-turners up for grabs this month: On Bone Bridge by Maria Hoey; Vet On A Mission by Gillian Hick; and The Drought Resilient Farm by Dale Stricker. To be in with a chance to win, answer the questions below and send them to: Competitions, Irish Farmers Monthly, Units 2-4 Castlecourt, Monsktown Farm, Glenageary, Co Dublin. Answers must arrive by Friday August 24. On Bone Bridge Maria Hoey Kay Kelly has always envied pretty, privileged Violet-May Du , but the two young girls come from very di erent worlds. Suddenly befriended by Violet-May, Kay finds herself welcomed into the grand Du house, where, charmed by Violet-May’s sister, the ethereal Rosemary-June, and intrigued by Mrs Du , a woman with a past, she falls helplessly in love with Violet-May’s brother Robbie. It all seems too good to be true. And it is. One mild September afternoon the three young girls take Violet-May’s baby brother for a walk in his pram. What happens on Bone Bridge that day will change all their lives forever. Now in her thirties, Kay’s path crosses once more with the Du family and it doesn’t take her long to realise that something is very wrong. With the life of a child clearly threatened, Kay is forced to accept that what happened all those years ago on Bone Bridge has come back to haunt her. Now, not only must she resurrect painful memories, but the time has come to finally face up to terrible truths, even if it means putting her own life in danger. Who has Kay Kelly always envied? Vet On A Mission Gillian Hick With the imminent arrival of her third child, veterinary surgeon, Gillian Hick, decides to abandon the perils of mixed animal practice, in a favour of setting up a small animal practice from home. When neighbouring farmer, John Last month’s book winners: To see last month’s winners, please visit Irish Farmers Monthly’s website at: Armstrong, drops in for a cup of tea and stays to build the new veterinary clinic, the dream becomes a reality. As the practice begins to take on a life of its own, the practicalities of running a twentyfour/seven on call business, with the help of her husband and her three exuberantly, enthusiastic pre-school children begins to take its toll. From hatching goslings on a moonlit night, to late night calls to celebrity donkeys; from delivering new-borns, to assisting in the final farewells of much-loved patients, the circle of life continues as Gillian struggles to hang on to, not only her sense of humour, but also the last remaining threads of her sanity! How many children does Gillian have? The Drought Resilient Farm Dale Stricker Rainfall levels are rarely optimal, but there are hundreds of things you can do to e ciently conserve and use the water you do have and to reduce the impact of drought on your soil, crops, livestock, and farm or ranch ecosystem. Author Dale Strickler introduces you to the same innovative systems he used to transform his own drought-stricken family farm in Kansas into a thriving, water-wise, and profitable enterprise, maximizing healthy cropland, pasture, and water supply. Ranging from simple, short-term projects such as installing rain-collection ollas to long-term land-management planning strategies, Strickler’s methods show how to get more water into the soil, keep it in the soil, and help plants and livestock access it Where is Dale’s farm? EPA Catchments @EPACatchments Ireland’s freshwaters: a world of wonder and discovery awaits you https://www.catchments. ie/irelands-freshwatersa-world-of-wonder-anddiscovery-awaits-you/ Michael Creed TD @creedcnw Thanks to @PhilHoganEU for meeting earlier to be briefed on the ongoing di culties facing Irish farmers owing to drought and fodder shortage. All possible assistance was requested and will be needed! 62