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New Holland CX7 and CX8 range increases capacity
New Holland Agriculture introduces a host of improvements that
improve the productivity of the CX7 and CX8 combine range.
The new staggered drum improves threshing performance
and increases the already impressive capacity of the combine.
New controls enable the operator to manage from the cab the
rotary separator and sieve opening, as well as chop or swath
selection. Added to the industry-leading Opti-SpeedTM auto-
adaptive variable speed strawwalkers, SmartTraxTM, Opti-FanTM,
Opti-CleanTM and Opti-SpreadTM technologies, the new features
enhance further the combine's productivity. The colour of the
grain tank has changed to yellow to improve visibility from the
cab, making it easier for the operator to check grain quality. The
Harvest SuiteTM Ultra cab now combines ultimate harvesting
comfort and ergonomics with a new automotive inspired interior
featuring a modern dark grey colour scheme.
The CX7 and CX8 range features New Holland's four-drum
threshing system with a 750 mm Drum diameter, which threshes
gently and thoroughly, preserving high straw quality. New Holland
is now enhancing further this range's threshing performance
with the new, optional staggered drum, which features o set
rasp bars on the sectional drum. They are suitable for all small
grains and can be configured for maize. The staggered drum
design achieves a smoother crop flow that results in lower in-cab
noise and reduces blockages. It uses 16% less total threshing
power, reducing fuel consumption. This new feature increases
the combine's capacity, which can be as much as 10 per cent
higher. New Holland also o ers a new low-speed drum kit for
those operations where grain quality is paramount. This feature
enables the operator to reduce the drum speed for an even
lower instance of cracked grain. New Holland has added in-cab
controls for more features, improving the operator's productivity.
The distance between the rotary separator and the concave of
the Multi-ThreshTM system can now be controlled remotely from
the cab. The pivoting spout is controlled via the CommandGripTM
multifunction handle, which enables the operator to direct
the crop with precision to achieve uniform trailer filling. Other
productivity-enhancing improvements include the header height
control with pressure sensor input on the AutoFloat III to ensure
even better ground following in uneven terrain, the sensor on the
stone trap which alerts the operator if he has left it open, and the
automatic concave opening at reversing.
More success with PÖTTINGER.
Up to 10 Mtr cutting width ­ Unrivaled performance.
Y-DRIVE ­ Smooth & reliable drive to the mowers.
NONSTOP LIFE ­ Hydraulic breakaway safety system.
Hydraulic working width adjustment ­ Fully maximise output in all conditions.
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