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solid food they really are educated around great food and
provenance and we see an opportunity in that space for
people to get involved and create participative events to
engage families."
At an agri-tourism level, the workshops will discuss
establishing and promoting farmers markets and food
producing visitor experiences. "What makes us special is
that we are a very small island. It's a great USP to have,
you can shake the hand that feeds you. Visitors who come
here have easy access to the food producers and we are
a traditional farming country with a love of the land and
seas and our fishermen and farmers love to chat and are
great storytellers. If you combine that and our tradition of
hospitality that dates from the Brehon Laws with what's
on the plate or in the glass in front of you, it's something
very special. We want to build on the good work done by
Bord Bia selling our island under Origin Green as one that
is natural, green, clean and fresh and producing wonderful
experience and inspire the visitor to come here and
experience it first-hand where we are waiting to welcome
them here in Ireland."
The last theme we look at ways food and beverages can
enhance the existing programme of festivals and events
that are taking place countrywide.
"We will work with destinations and work across those
themes to build up what we want to push out this autumn,
which is an extensive event programme for Taste the
Supports for success
Fáilte Ireland has a range of supports that it will be
offering people in this space, from working in networks
and collaborating for success to programmes for pubs,
the foodservice industry and a programme that is in
development specifically for the agri-tourism sector. "If
anyone is nervous about getting involved, we have a lot of
support available. The team are available to help people
to work through their ideas. There will be facilitators in
the room, so the first part of the session is information
sharing and brainstorming, and then the second part
is idea generation, facilitating sessions and working
with the people in the room to come up with their own
business ideas and also at a cluster or community level to
see what could be done. They will be supported at local
and community level. We will be rolling out marketing
supports to networks, groups and communities that come
together so that, when visitors are in Ireland, they will be
under no illusion that there is a celebration happening
around our food and drink. We will have collateral,
everything from charters, posters and bunting to let
people know we are celebrating our fantastic food and
A special o ering
For 2019, Fáilte Ireland is focusing on attracting domestic
tourists, as well as our neighbours in Europe. However,
in 2020, it envisions marketing this programme globally.
As well as celebrating Irish food and drink products,
Fáilte Ireland hopes this is initiative will help address
seasonality and grow revenue by driving increasing bed
nights outside of the summer season while also driving
visitors to explore lesser-known locations across the
country. Tracey believes Ireland has a lot to offer in this
space and, as consumers become more discerning about
their food choices, Ireland has an opportunity to present
itself as a foodie destination combined with great heritage
and culture. "There is a huge opportunity and wonderful
food experiences that are as good, if not better than
anywhere else in the world. If you combine that with our
hospitality, you have something very special."
MAY 2019
Rural Life
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Tuesday 7th May
9.30 ­ 2pm
Harvey's Point
Wednesday 8th May
8.00 ­ 11am
Croke Park
Thursday 9th May
9.30 ­ 2pm
Brea y House Hotel
Monday 13th May
9.30 ­ 2pm
Headfort Arms Hotel
Tuesday 14th May
9.30 ­ 2pm
The Strand Hotel
Wednesday 15th May
9.30 ­ 2pm
West Cork
Celtic Ross Hotel
Thursday 16th May
9.30 ­ 2pm
Great Southern Hotel
Friday 17th May
10.30 ­ 3pm
Dingle Benners Hotel
Monday 20th May
9.30 ­ 2pm
Cork City
The River Lee Hotel
Tuesday 21st May
9.30 ­ 2pm
Faithlegg Hotel
Wednesday 22nd May
9.30 ­ 2pm
Newpark Hotel
Thursday 23rd May
9.30 ­ 2pm
Woodford Dolmen Hotel
Tuesday 28th May
9.30 ­ 2pm
Hotel Doolin
Wednesday 29th May
9.30 ­ 2pm
Radisson Blu
Thursday 30th May
9.30 ­ 2pm
The Twelve Hotel
Thursday June 6th
9.30 ­ 2pm
Kilronan Castle, Roscommon
Tuesday 11th June
9.30 ­ 2pm
Dead Centre Brewing
Thursday 13th June
9.30 ­ 2pm
Lough Derg
The Lakeside Hotel, Killaloe
MAY 2019