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Aisling Molloy
Great trip yesterday with
members of the Kanturk
Seniors and Duhallow
Beef groups at the Ardlea
Limousin herd and @
TeagascBeef. Thanks to
Kevin, Eddie, Michael &
@claresguy for hosting
us! @TeagascCorkEast
Ireland Guide
Hooked, @hookedsligo
Sligo is our @Bordbia Just
Ask Restaurant of the
Year 2019 #GCAwards
National Ploughing
We that was fun, see you
all next year! #ploughing18
A big thank you to
everyone who visited
our stand during
#ploughing18. We loved
being able to share with
you the benefits, taste
and versatility of Irish
dairy. What a fantastic
few days! Time to relax
now with a glass of milk
and some cheese
It was a special
#Ploughing18 for @
dairymaster as we
celebrated our 50
birthday and also thrilled
to have Anna May of @
NPAIE launch our 6
new rotary parlours!
Dark Wood
Dark Water
Tina Callaghan
Something is wrong
with the town of
Bailey. Something
dark, something
Something evil.
Josh's brother has
just drowned. He
meets Kate and Gabe, who also have
lost family to the river. When they seek
the help of a local historian, Naylor,
he tells them that there is a sinister
longstanding pattern to such tragedies.
But some unknown force is trying to
help Josh rid the town of its curse.
Why is he dreaming of a ship's captain,
a hooded monk, a dark familiar with a
knife? What is being demanded of him?
Soon, greater horrors than ever before
are set loose. Josh and the others
are fighting against time, as evil has
turned its baleful eye upon them.
Praise for Dark Wood Dark Water: "Chilling,
atmospheric and with an effortlessly
vivid sense of place, this novel sustains
the intrigue from the first page to the
last. A genuinely impressive debut from
a storytelling talent to watch. And read,"
said FG Cottam, author of The Colony. "A
moody, atmospheric and entertaining tale,"
according to Joseph Delaney, author of
The Wardstone Chronicles.
What is the name of the local
historian in Bailey?
The Secrets of
Armstrong House
A O'Connor
Present day ­ Kate
and Nico Collins are
filming a docudrama
about life in their
home, Armstrong
House, in Ireland
during its golden
age at the turn of
the century. When
they discover a
cover-up of a terrible crime involving
Nico's great-grandfather, Lord Charles
Armstrong, they set out to solve
a mystery over a century old.
1888 ­ Arabella Tattinger arrives to attend
a glittering ball at Armstrong House as the
family's younger son Harrison's fiancée.
Her head is turned by the glamorous
aristocratic family, and most of all by
the eldest son and heir, the exciting but
dangerous Charles. A chain of events
unfolds from that night which casts
the family into years of a bitter feud.
1899 ­ When American heiress, Victoria
Van Hoeven, marries into the family,
she is determined bring peace at last
to the Armstrongs. But everywhere
dangers are circling, and secrets are
ready to emerge from the shadows.
Not just from outside the house but
from within their golden circle. Victoria
is stepping into the firestorm.
Kate and Nico press on in their
efforts to uncover the truth ­ but are
some secrets best kept hidden?
What is Nico's great-
grandfather's name?
Eat the Moon
Breda Joy
When Kieran
O'Mahony rides
away to the hunt
on a powerful black
horse, his mother is
gripped by a sense
of foreboding. He
is a rising hurling
star, with the world
at his feet and one spirited local girl in
his heart. His grandmother, however, has
read a frightening premonition in the tea
leaves. Already, several things out of the
ordinary have occurred that summer.
First, there is the arrival of Tamara, a
young London cousin ­ minus her voice,
which she lost following a traumatic
event. Then, in the same week of July
1969, the family are caught up in the
magic of the Apollo moon landing.
It's a giant step for mankind indeed
but doesn't help Tamara to adjust to
the already alien world of the Cork
farm. Mute, she must cope with the
unfamiliar idiom and way of seeing
the world, while her cousin Sally
resents the attention paid to her.
Then, all their lives are shattered by a
blind act of fate that threatens to tear the
family asunder. Like the Apollo astronauts,
Kieran and his family begin a voyage away
from the familiar. Their journey back
from the dark side of the moon involves
one exceptional moon-silver horse,
the bonds of family, the wisdom of age
and the passionate loyalty of youth.
Where is Tamara from?
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