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Murphy Machinery
Murphy Machinery will be displaying the full range of Berthoud
Sprayers at the forthcoming FTMTA Show. The models on
display are Sprinter Tracker and Vantage trailed sprayers along
with many new features such as Laser Boom Controls GPS
units and the latest feature from Berthoud called Spraytronic.
According to the company, Spraytronic allows you to spray with
a single nozzle where you can increase the flow to the nozzle
by up to per cent without changing pressure and vary
the speed of tractor for example to KM with no need to
change nozzle size.
Agriquip and Murphy Machinery will also be exhibiting Heva
Tillage Equipment Rollers Disc Harrows Front Presses at the
Show. New product on display will be the King Roller , m
wide. According to Murphy, this machine will be the largest
roller ever sold in Ireland. In addition, they will be showing
the new Heva . m Tillage and Grass roller combined with
two rows of tines/paddles and seeding unit. All the Heva
machines on display are eligible for the Tams Grant and
many machines have already being sold under the scheme.
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McCormick will be pitching to the tillage sector at this year's
FTMTA Machinery Show. Today's McCormick tractor range
starts at a lowly hp with the X Series compact tractors and
o ers a good selection of mid-range machines with di erent
power outputs and specifications to suit livestock and mixed
enterprise farms.
But it has also continued to expand higher up the power
scale and, with the addition of VT-Drive stepless transmission
models, is clearly pitching for business from tillage farms
looking for good cultivation and drilling tractors.
hp to
hp, the three-model McCormick X Series
can be had in powershift and CVT forms, the latter featuring
the first stepless transmission to be designed, engineered and
developed by McCormick manufacturer Argo Tractors.
According to a spokesperson: "Apart from providing
mechanical field and road ranges to ensure an appropriate span
of speeds for tillage work and travel from yard to field, the design
has hydrostatic-only drive initially to give inch-perfect control for
hitching up to implements." Unlike its powershift counterpart, the
X VT-Drive models feature a touch-screen terminal providing
access to various set-up displays (for the transmission and
hydraulics, for example) and data documentation.
Premium models are the `full fat' versions that come with
additional electronic aids and can be equipped with precision
farming technologies as well as ISOBUS control of implements
using the in colour touch screen. E icient versions lose some of
the bells and whistles and will appeal to those who like the feel of
a spool lever rather than a paddle switch.
At the top of the McCormick family is the dramatic-looking X
VT-Drive, the biggest and most powerful tractor ever to carry the
`McCormick' name.