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add creep gears to the T-Tronic unit to obtain additional
ratios and ultra-slow speeds for specialist equipment
such as a precision planter.
Ground-drive PTO can be added to the standard
540/1000rpm installation, with further options of
540/540E and four-speed PTO with economy gearing for
both speeds also available.
The power shuttle action is adjustable using a
potentiometer dial to vary its response to flicking the
lever from soft to sharp to match driver's preferences and
the work being undertaken.
Operators generally prefer a soft action when working
with a loader, for which this size and power of tractor is
well suited.
In the hydraulics department, the new Landini 6-H Series
tractors get a main gear pump of 66-litres/min output
and a 30-litres/min unit dedicated to the steering and
auxiliaries like PTO and four-wheel drive clutches.
The tractors can have up to four manual spool valves and
a 2.25 tonne capacity front hitch, with or without PTO.
A disc-braked front drive axle is standard to ensure true
four-wheel braking when heavy loads are carried on the
drawbar or 6 tonne rear linkage, and the boosted brakes
deliver maximum performance with relatively light pedal
Air-operated braking is available for trailed equipment
towed from the hydraulic push-back pick-up hitch, which
is a standard fitment, and for maximum traction when
things get slippery underfoot, a fully 100% locking front
axle differential complements the rear axle diff.
Standard tyre wear is a 480/70 R34 rear, 380/70 R24 front
combination but for heavy field towing with a slurry
tanker or muck spreader, for example or if a fair amount
of cultivations work is planned, then taller tyres on 38in
rims will deliver extra flotation and traction through a
bigger contact area.
In the roomy cab, operators get an air suspension seat,
adjustable steering wheel, wash/wipe front and rear and
an RDS radio with Bluetooth wireless connection and
USB/SD media player all as standard.
Air conditioning and a transparent roof hatch
complement the large windows that provide an excellent
all-round view, notably through a windscreen that extends
right up to a slim, upward curved roof header rail that
gives maximum upwards visibility to a Landini front-end
Noel Dunne,
Machinery Editor
Firstly, may I wish
you and your families
a happy new year.
I spend Christmas
working in the house
and trying to catch up after a hectic year. Naturally, I made all
my New Year resolutions and hopefully I can keep some of
them this year!
I really believe this year should be a good one for the
machinery industry, with the trade hoping that sterling will
stabilise in the coming months and Theresa May and her
government will sort out Brexit once and for all.
Meanwhile, tractor sales are expected to recover after a poor
year-end and second hand tractors will continue to grow with
2018 showing an increase of over 30 per cent. New tractor
sales will probably come in at around 1,780 units. John Deere
held on to first spot, with Massey Ferguson, and New Holland
closely following. 110 horsepower tractors are selling well and
the technology has improved significantly in the last decade,
giving farmers and contractors more choice.
The show season is nearly upon us, with the Spring Farm
Machinery show kicking o in January and the FTMTA show
in February already sold out. This is a clear indication from
the trade that, despite Brexit, they are expecting a good year
across the board.
I believe the challenges facing industry can be met head on.
Currency will be a real issue but, as we have seen in the past,
this tends to work itself out over the year. Enterprise Ireland
are working closely with the industry on the innovation side.
Hopefully, the weather will be kinder to us this year. It's the
start of the calving season and signs of new life on the farm.
It's also the start of a new column from me in
Irish Farmers
Monthly, and I intend bringing you all the latest news, views
and analysis and all things farm machinery. Until next month,
farm wisely and farm safely.
The new Landini 6-H Series
tractors come with 110hp,
119hp and 126hp compact
four-cylinder engines.