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25% more shredding capacity from New Kverneland Chopper
The all-new Kverneland 864 is designed for more capacity and reaching longer
distances. With a completely redesigned drum and fl ywheel confi guration, it o ers
signifi cantly higher throughput and impressive blowing distances of up to 25m.
The new Kverneland 864 has grown its dimensions in all aspects with a massive
4.2m chamber size. It handles 2.1m diameter round bales and, according to a
spokesperson, its longer body design provides even better support and stability
for large square bales. The drum and fl ywheel has been redesigned from the
previous Kverneland 853 model, o ering signifi cantly higher capacity and 25
per cent more throughput. The shredding drum with a new slimmer design,
is fi tted with redesigned cutting teeth to provide a more aggressive cut and
guidance of material into the fl ywheel. The fl ywheel housing and blowing
paddles have increased in size to support the capacity increase, handling
more material at higher speed. Depending on material and conditions of
the barn, the company notes it can blow up to 25m, which allows the
farmer to reach the most distant corners of the barn. The hydraulically
driven swivel chute operates in three stages which optimizes the
blowing distance when bedding. Commenting on the Drum Feed
Control System (DFCS) a spokesperson explained: "This is an exclusive
Kverneland feature for blockage-free operation when feeding loose
material. It is a simple and reliable system, which includes a powerful
electric cylinder and comb positioned above the drum. During
loading the DFCS is engaged, which means that the comb is in
a lowered position. This ensures that blockages of the fl ywheel
are minimized during the start-up process in loose materials.
Once the fl ywheel speed is at a su cient level, all you need to
do is to push a button and the DFCS 'fi ngers' will be gradually
disengaged and open for full fl ow through the fl ywheel."
Ploughing 2018 Focus
Deutz-Fahr adds three new 4-cylinder
models to its existing 6 series
6-cylinder range. The modular high
tech system now includes a 6155.4,
6165.4 and 6175.4 as a top model.
All models in the range now feature
higher permissible weights (11,500kg)
and a longer wheelbase (2,543mm) for
improved stability and a comfortable
driving performance. Design features
of the 4-cylinder models are similar to
those of the 6-cylinder versions, which
were awarded "Tractor Of The Year for
the design" last year. The 156hp, 164hp
and 171hp Deutz TCD 4.1 4-cylinder
engines comply with the requirements
for emissions Stage IV. According to a
spokesperson, the new engines o er a
hefty starting torque and high torque
reserves across a wide speed range. "In
addition to a compact cooling system,
which can be opened completely
and easily cleaned, the TTV models
are also equipped with a new electric
Visco fan. Three transmission variants
are available: from the simple, manual
fi ve-speed powershift transmission
with six forward powershift stages
and three reverse stages (30+15
gears) and the newly developed fully
automatic RCshift gearbox (30+15
gears, with creeper gear 54+27 gears),
to the e cient TTV transmission for
continuous driving and working from
0 to 50km/h. For all transmissions,
the maximum speed is achieved
at a reduced engine speed to save
fuel. On the RC shift models, the top
speed of 50km/h is reached with only
1,530 rpm, saving fuel and reducing
noise." Another unique feature of
this tractor class is the front axle
with independent suspension, which
is equipped with an anti-dive and
anti-rise control and a booster brake
system. According to the company,
this ensures maximum traction and
safety in all situations.
The hydraulic system has also been
adopted from the 6-cylinder models
and can be confi gured individually
depending on the operation
requirements. The standard pump
capacity is 84 litre/min on the basic
models, and an LS system with a
capacity of 120litre/min as standard
on the higher spec models, with
options of 160 or 170 litre/min. Up to
fi ve electro-hydraulic auxiliary control
valves can be selected at the rear, and
two at the front.
On display this year at The
Ploughing from Deutz tractors are
seven static tractors all from the
Series 5,6, and 7 ranges.
New models
from Deutz-Fahr
Order code HNI01089
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Ploughing 2018
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