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features, including hydraulic controls to ease operation and
make them ideally suited to loader operations," a Massey
spokesperson said.
Renowned Dyna-4 transmission
The spokesperson continued: "The renowned and well-proven
Dyna-4 transmission adds another dimension to the already
versatile MF 5700 series.
"Dyna-4 is a highly efficient transmission that provides class-
leading, simple and convenient control of 16 forward and 16
reverse speeds with four Dynashift (powershift) speeds in four
ranges. A `creep' speed is an option.
"With four change-on-the move Dynashift speeds in each gear,
it offers ultimate ease of operation with the left-hand power
control lever and console-mounted T-lever.
"On top of straightforward, clutchless range changes, it also
offers further sophistication with optional AutoDrive. In the
`Automatic' setting this changes gears automatically, according
to the engine load and speed. As well easing operation, this also
selects the best setting for performance and fuel economy."
With Dyna-4 comes the further option of the practical brake-to-
neutral facility. The company says this control greatly enhances
and eases loader operation. Activated with a simple rocker
switch, this engages neutral whenever the brakes are depressed,
which means operators need to use just one pedal.
Cab suspension
A new cab suspension option is designed to enhance operator
comfort on the two models.
"The entirely mechanical system employs two silent block
bushes to support the cab at the front, with a pair of spring-
assisted shock absorbers mounted on the two rear corners.
"A Panhard rod on the rear spring units provides lateral stability,
which combines with the vertical damping to offer suspension
in three dimensions: up/down and side-to-side. The mechanical
system requires no operator input, with the damping set to pre-
determined levels by the shock absorbers and springs."
bale trailer transport.
Trelleborg to showcase
new innovations at LAMMA 2018
LAMMA, the UK's largest agricultural trade show, will
play host to Trelleborg's new innovations aimed at
helping farmers to produce more, with less.
Bruce Lauder, senior sales and marketing manager,
said: "LAMMA is a great platform for Trelleborg to
showcase our new technology and services. We have
a real passion for agriculture and aim to make life as
easy as possible on the farm, constantly looking at
innovative ways to assist in farming e iciency and
creating a sustainable future. With new technology
and the increased digitalisation of agriculture, our new
innovations add a further dimension to complete farm
The Variable Inflation Pressure (VIP) system was
winner of a Gold Medal at the
SIMA innovation
awards. The VIP system is a smart solution capable of
self-adjusting the tyre pressure of a combine harvester
during use, according to Trelleborg. Responding to the
precise load, it is designed to optimise tyre footprint,
thereby reducing soil compaction.
Making its debut in the UK, the ConnecTire from
Trelleborg is a brand-new, sensor-based smart wheel
that increases e iciency and productivity by reducing
the risk of tyre slippage on the rim, the company says.
The YourTire personalisation service allows farming
professionals to personalise their tyres with either their
name or logo. ProgressiveTraction technology, winner of
the LAMMA Environmental Innovation Award
, will
be shown on a VF
/ R TM
Rounding o the innovations, the new Trelleborg TH
is a radial tyre for the latest generation of telescopic
handlers and backhoes operating on hard surfaces.
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