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New models for 2019
Expect next year to bring ever more SUVs, more hybrid options and another step forward in the
evolution of EVs. As 2019 beckons, Bernard Potter looks at some of the new models already in
forecourts or arriving soon.
Electric dream
Audi's new e-tron, an electric SUV will be available to
order from January 2019. Pricing, including a four-year
service plan, starts from an on-the-road cost of 101,750
exclusive of government grants. Audi says the e-tron is
capable of covering more than 400kms on one charge.
Larger loads
Ford says its new Mondeo Hybrid Wagon, scheduled to
arrive in March 2019, will enable customers to carry larger
loads, while still benefiting from an electric powertrain.
A-Class on the way
Mercedes-Benz plans to launch eight new models
and seven face-lifted models in 2019. What Mercedes
describes as arguably the single most pivotal model in
the company's portfolio, the new A-Class Saloon, lands in
Ireland in February/March. According to the carmaker, it
provides the platform on which seven new models will be
Fuel efficient stalwart
Under the more stringent WLTP fuel consumption and
emissions tests, the 2019 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV
achieved an emissions figure of just 46g/km (a change of
just 5g/km from the previous NEDC protocol). Prices for
the Outlander start from 39,900 for the Intense model,
43,900 for the Instyle and 47,500 for the S-Edition.
New take on old favourite
The newest version of one of Ireland's most popular
cars, the Corolla Saloon, is arriving as a self-
charging hybrid. There will also be a petrol variant.
However, Toyota Ireland predicts that 90% of Corolla
sales in 2019 will be hybrid. Prices start from 26,820.
New price-buster
Dacia's Duster has been a great value-for-money
success story since it launched here in 2012. The second
generation Duster is now available in one petrol and one
diesel engine option. It comes with three trim levels and is
priced from 17,390.
Audi e-tron.
Ford Mondeo Hybrid Wagon.
Mitsubishi Outlander.
Toyota Corolla Saloon.
Mercedes A-Class.
Dacia Duster.