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Ploughing 2018 Focus
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What is the EU doing for Agriculture and Rural Communities? Visit our stand at the
Ploughing and find out!
Phil Hogan, European Commissioner for Agriculture and
Rural Development, has recently made proposals for a far-
reaching modernisation and simplification of the Common
Agricultural Policy (CAP)
for the period 2020-2027. The
proposal calls for an upgraded, strong and well-funded CAP to
support the wellbeing of the farming and food sectors, while
aiming to deliver real results for all Europeans, in a broad range
of areas including the environment, climate change and rural job
creation. Come and find out what these proposals would
mean for you at the European Union Stand. Experts on the
CAP have travelled from Brussels to answer your questions.
Engage with MEPs:
Find out the latest news from Irish
Members of the European Parliament and have your say in
our online survey about the future of Europe. MEPs from the
European Parliament's Agricultural Committee will be attending
on Wednesday 19 September. The Committee's remit includes:
the CAP, animal health and welfare, plant health, agricultural
products quality, forestry and agroforestry.
Farmers' queries: This is a unique opportunity to get specialist
information on all your farming queries. The European
Commission will have experts on-hand to reply to your questions
on the EU's veterinary rules and agricultural issues.
Participate in Citizens' Dialogue: Staff from the European
Commission and European Parliament will be on hand to
respond to your questions, queries and views about Europe,
what it is doing for Ireland and where it should be headed.
Consumer Protection Advice: Find out what your cross-border
EU rights are when shopping online, your EU air passenger
rights, what happens if your holiday goes wrong, and more. We'll
have para-legal advisers from the European Consumer Centre at
our stand.
European Structural and Investment Funds: Discover what
the EU is doing in your Region through the European Regional
Development Fund and the European Social Fund. These Funds
work together to invest in education, research, transition to
low carbon economy, urban regeneration and job creation ,
contributing to a sustainable and healthy economy across the
whole of the country. Find out more at
European Movement Ireland: How can you influence the
future of Europe, what has `cake' to do with Brexit, and what
is Spitzenkandidaten? Find out everything you ever wanted
to know about the EU from European Movement Ireland. Plus
advice and information on working and studying in the EU,
including job and traineeship opportunities in the EU institutions.
Funding for local projects: The Europe for Citizens programme
gives EU grants to local projects like town twinning, cultural
events and advocacy groups. Find out if your project is eligible
come and meet advisers from The Wheel who run this
programme in Ireland.
Schools: A range of free material on the European Union -
including books, brochures and maps - is available for teachers
and students.
And Kids' Corner: Scalextric is back! Try our energy bike to see
if you can pedal-power a Scalextric circuit with electric toy racing
cars. Test yourself against the competition! And an interactive
quiz for kids - the more you know the more prizes you get!
If you are not at the Ploughing and have any questions about
the European Union, you can pay the website of the European
Commission Representation in Ireland a visit:
or call us on 01 634 11 11.
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"We have succeeded
in framing a strong
and well-funded CAP
proposal which ensures
essential income
support for farmers to
guarantee the supply
of good quality, safe
and affordable food
for European citizens.
Direct payments will
be fairer and better
targeted to strongly support the small and medium-sized
family farms, which are the heart of EU and Irish agriculture.
Visit the EU stand at the National Ploughing Championships
to learn more about our plan to modernise and simplify the
CAP for the benefit of farmers and citizens as a whole."
Phil Hogan, European Commissioner for Agriculture and
Rural Development
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